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Differences between l4d1 and l4d2
never played the original l4d but the l4d1 maps are better thn the l4d2 maps i will admit but what changed between l4d1 and l4d2 in terms of visuals, guns, mechanics, etc
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The "Serious end all horror" atmosphere of the first game was changed to "YEEEHAW Imm'on f_cks me a witch in the a_s with this'n here chainsaw!" They added the spitter, jockey, and Charger, of course.

The visuals seem the same pretty much. L4d2 is a bit more bloody and gorey. Bodies dont ragdoll upon death.

Pistols were nerfed in accuracy and damage in l4d2 but that was because there wouldnt be any reason to add the D'Eagle otherwise.

Moving through water didn't impede your movement speed.

In l4d1 there were only the SMG, pump shotgun, Hunting riflle, Auto shot, and M16. No defibs, or adrenaline, or melee weapons.

L4d1 doesnt have Realism modes or scavenge, or mutations.

When a tank was set on fire it was given a speed increase in campaign, or a speed DEcrease in versus, and it was set on a death timer of 40 seconds regardless if you shot at it or not. In l4d2 fire is an added damage over time affect that works WITH bullet damage, and doesnt augment the tank's speed in any form.

It was possible to have 2 tank spawns on one campaign map. Usually one very early in the beginning and one somewhere around the saferoom at the end.

You could look down and see your legs in l4d1--which some people actually get REALLY t*ts up about not being able to do anymore.

After killing the first tank in a finale, the track "Final Nail" will play at the start of the second pre tank waves. This was removed in 2 (for absolutely no reason.)

The events in l4d1 had a set amount of enemy waves that you could wait out. In l4d2, these waves have either increased, or have become infinite (The forklift event in Death Toll could be camped out in 1 whereas in 2 it spawns an *infinite* amount of waves UNTIL you reach the saferoom). Also the L4D1 maps have some slight alterations in their layout in 2 (Moving through the Dead Air metal detector was *optional* in 1).

There are a slightly less amount of common in 1.

The versus scoring system in 1 is based on how many survivors made it to the saferoom + the amount of health they had, instead of distance traveled like in 2

And the ONLY exclusive map still on L4D1 is the Last Stand survival map.

If i missed anything feel free to correct me :D
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The primary difference is atmosphere. Left 4 Dead is quantifiably darker and there is much more ambient noise, such as gunfire in the distance and background music more frequent than Left 4 Dead 2. You will need your flashlight through most of the Left 4 Dead campaigns whereas in Left 4 Dead 2 it's mostly optional.

The Survivors have a more serious outlook on the apocalypse they're in, with the exception of Francis.

Left 4 Dead's Infected design is vastly different from its successors, with the Commons and Specials looking more human, pale, and less rotted/damaged/mutated. Left 4 Dead also has campaign-specific Commons similar to Uncommons in Left 4 Dead 2, but with no functional difference. There is much less gore, which in my opinion is nicer as it doesn't feel like you're shooting a rotten corpse.

Left 4 Dead has more wandering Infected, while Left 4 Dead 2 trades the wanderers off for more hordes.
The AI director acts differently, spawning Specials and boss Infected differently and sometimes more viciously in Left 4 Dead. (I've gotten two Witches literally within thirty feet of each other.)

Left 4 Dead's shotguns have more ammo, and there are more ammo piles as opposed to weapon spawns, and when there are weapons, they're almost always presented in pairs or trios, depending upon the tier. Left 4 Dead's weapons are generally more accurate, especially while on the move, and shotguns have an empty reload animation, forcing you to rack the slide/pull the bolt before you can fire again.

Infinite melee still works in campaign mode of Left 4 Dead. (At least in single-player.)

Left 4 Dead 2 is easier to mod, Left 4 Dead often requires both a .vpk addon and editing the pak01_dir. If you don't know what you're doing, it can be confusing and frustrating.
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