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How to use the console in left 4 dead 2! 1)go on steam and right click on left 4 dead 2. 2)you will see properties,click on properties and then click on set launch settings.3)type in (-console) make sure you have the - before typing in console.4) now play left 4 dead 2 and go to the options and then click on the keyboard/mouse option 5) you will see allow develepor console cheats,click on it and then put it on enable 6)make a local sever and have (friends only game) then start the game! 7) One your cone loading press on the keyboard button underneath the esc button (the button should have a little wiggly line (this allows the console to show up) 8)when your in the console type in sv_pure 1,after that it will take you to the menu and now type in the console and put map ***_*** now you know how your game starts up ,if you go on the console it will show the source engine.you will see that the console will show you the map you are in, example: map_89_apartmant35 it will something like that you have to make sure you know what chapter your in the game.Now back to 8)type the map_***_* chapter your in and it will load you back.9)when the game has started go to the console and type sv_cheats 1 and press enter and there you go! here are some console commands god 1-gives you infinite health,impulse 101 gives you stuff,noclip-go through the whole map,z_spawn (special infected)-spawn any special infected you want
Date Posted: Jun 7, 2014 @ 9:40pm
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