CARTMAN>BRAH! Jun 5 @ 1:43pm
The character screams/voice phrase
How do I mute those.. I honestly have no love for it. I do not comprehend peoples obsession with it. This is a very precise game of marvelous character cooperation. Yet all people come here to drown in an in the family gene pool.

someone assist the legitimate.
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XP Jun 5 @ 2:18pm 
you can not
Nationkid05 Jun 5 @ 2:41pm 
Only way is to turn of your game sound. :/ I know the feeling Striker.
What bothers me the most is people doing it every 5 seconds. After the first 2 times it's annoying after that and i ask nicely for them to stop, some do most don't and keep doing it out of spite. That's when they get the boot. But yea i agree it has got to go.
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ღ.:яα¢нєℓ:.ღ Jun 5 @ 4:30pm 
It's all a matter of trolling. People do it to elicite this very reaction from all of you.
MAGGAY Jun 8 @ 7:13pm 
if you go to your left4dead2/sound/player/survior/voice you can delete thoose phrases you dont want, im not really sure if all characters are possible as enoying rochelle laugh but take a look in there, but warning, make a copy.
Rabid Butters Jun 8 @ 7:51pm 
Try this:

It's for muting voice chat but it may also mute the voice commands.
♥♥tutor♥♥tara♥♥ Jun 9 @ 12:22am 
Ziggy ±PGD*±'s Workshop: Toggle Survivor Voices "A simple script that disables all eight survivor voices, allowing you to toggle voices on or off as you want from the add-ons menu in-game."
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