Venus, Bringer of Peace Jun 5 @ 9:44am
If the infection became real along the lines of L4D2, what would you change about your playing style and what would you keep to survive?
I would stop setting people on fire definitely. I'd probably continue playing with melee and sniper rifle, to save myself in hordes and be able to snipe SI off teammates.
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Endur3 Jun 5 @ 10:42am 
[†]Munkee_King[†] Jun 6 @ 3:05pm 
Instead of surviving, id just shoot myself.
Mr. Geko Jun 6 @ 3:15pm 
I definitely wouldn't try to rush my way past a crowd of infected or dance around them with a katana. Slow, steady and stealthy.
You will probably not be able to do much unless you are a Charrier, in a safe house or getting evacuated by the Military.
asshattinator Jun 6 @ 3:47pm 
I would save my ammo and run real fast to the next safe house. My previous experience from doing this for hour upon hour would tell me there is nothing to find by exploring my surroundings so i would just run
vivian Jun 6 @ 6:24pm 
Run. Run like hell.
Grabbing Pills Jun 6 @ 9:18pm 
1. Barricade myself on the roof with ample provisions, but forget cola in haste.
2. Lead desperate survivors into death trap for cola.
Kerrigan Jun 6 @ 10:00pm 
hmmm put on my flak jacket and gas mask and grab my shotgun? everything after that is undecided O_O
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