999Pawel999 Jun 1 @ 8:44am
L4D2 Main Character
I have a question. Becouse the main character of Left 4 Dead is Bill, Team Fortress 2 - Heavy, both Portals - Chell, but who is the main character in Left 4 Dead 2?
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Fluffle Puff Jun 1 @ 9:15am 
There isn't one
NiGhTw!Sh(CrackGamer) Jun 1 @ 9:19am 
I'd say Nick. Because we're talking about L4D2. Sure, there is the l4d1 Campaign, but Nick is the Main character in l4d2. The Left 4 Dead campaign wasn't there from the beginning on.
Restless Jun 1 @ 9:33am 
Not sure if troll or just plain stupid.

Neither game has one specific main character.
FRiES Jun 1 @ 9:34am 
it was nick
[†]Munkee_King[†] Jun 1 @ 9:51am 
Coach is the leader. But they don't really seem to show off a character more than the rest.
C15 lft (Banned) Jun 1 @ 10:17am 
Coach seems to be the leader.
Ellis is the optimistic guy.
Rochelle is the mistake the female character.
Nick seems to be the main protagonist, having a character like Wolverine, being a meanie but starting to grow up to his friends.
TimeR Jun 1 @ 10:24am 
I think it's nick too
ShaunioD Jun 1 @ 10:36am 
It must be Nick. Hes in a suit.
Mr.Alex Jun 1 @ 10:54am 
There is no main character in L4D2.
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[linux] sophia hapgood Jun 1 @ 11:00am 
Bill wasn't the main character in L4D, there's no main in either.
Not much of a main character here, but I gotta say, they do have the characters everyone wants to play. In this game, I'd say Coach
ByWizzarDz Jun 1 @ 11:33am 
Bill was the main in l4d cause he dies :P ...but i think coach or nick is leader
[†]Munkee_King[†] Jun 1 @ 11:49am 
Originally posted by ☻Pwning_Sam☻:
Bill was the main in l4d cause he dies :P ...but i think coach or nick is leader

Coach is the leader. You notice he keeps a cool head and gives orders of what to do.
Nick just goes "we are gonna die" "they will line us up, and shoot us"
If nick was the leader, they would all be dead before the hotel. lol.
ByWizzarDz Jun 1 @ 1:04pm 
oh ok lel
I always thought Valve sort of pushed Coach to be the "main character"
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