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Özil → Jul 13, 2014 @ 6:07pm
Campaign isn't the only practice mode
Too many times I see people flame new players with "go play campaign mode" as a passive-aggressive way of telling newbies they suck at L4D2.

My message to all the newcomers to this game follows: Yes, guys. This community can be dickish, so yes you might need a bit of solo practice before you can play online versus confidently.

My one suggestion: Play lots of Mutation modes. Everyone seems to have forgotten about them. Mutations each teach you something different, and they can be hella fun too. You can play 1 player modes, 4 player modes and 8 player modes so it's great fun with friends too.

For example: Last Man on Earth teaches you how to run solo. Hunting Party removes all spawns except for hunters - great for practicing bunting and skeeting. Special Delivery (my personal favourite) removes all spawn timers, causing a non-stop wave of infected, thus you can practice your reaction times and learn to prioritize attacks. Play Hard Eight for a more chill version of Special Delivery.

All game modes are there to explore and learn from - except for Versus, which is apparently for "professionals" who really have something to prove.

I know my 1.7K hours isn't much compared to some people on this game, but I feel that it's enough to confidently voice my opinion and welcome newcomers instead of turn them away.

If we want competitive play, we need to take steps to build the community.
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Wufei Chang Jul 13, 2014 @ 6:14pm 
If they don't want to use that Versus mutation mod then I would suggest Versus Survival to practice all the special infected including the tank. Problem here is that mutation menu is annoying to select and find games, SO YOU have to find an 7 (or 3) other players (invite friends). But yes everyone says to go to campaign for basics and map layouts. I say go to Survival Mode for item usage and weapon selection. Then Mutations mentioned above.
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Özil → Jul 13, 2014 @ 6:39pm 
Cheers for your input, Wufei. You make a great point, because none of the modes I mentioned (which are 1 - 4 player modes) really teach you how to play as infected. And the ones that do, you need to find other players to play with. If you don't have friends or anything (like when I first started), however, it'll have to do.

Survival mode is also a great idea, forgot about that one. Great for endurance and weapon selection, as you mentioned. And you can also play it alone.
That's right!
Mutation only on expert, sweet topic ;D
Özil → Jul 15, 2014 @ 7:01am 
Haha you don't know the meaning of GG until you do Special Delivery on Expert.
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