Rusty Jul 9 @ 9:28pm
Does blocking still work?
I've been mulling this over for a while now. Does blocking still prevent people from joining your games, and you theirs?
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Merry me ;) ♡ Jul 9 @ 9:31pm 
sophia (merry christmas) Jul 9 @ 9:34pm 
90% of the time, yes. Keep your block lists up-to-date with all the griefers you meet, eventually your games will be peaceful.
Dr Chaos MK Jul 9 @ 10:55pm 
If you want to use the blocking system ( I don't. I think it's too flawed ) then spread the offending persons profile to others on your friends list. I made the mistake of blocking 1 person & not telling others. Only to have the same griefer negatively effect someone on my friends list.
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