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Make Some Noise 2014年7月8日上午6:25
Awesome game !!
the best game when you want play with friends
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Gabbi 2014年7月9日下午1:30 
I agree! Superfun to play with friends! :D
verso 2014年7月9日下午7:59 
ORRISThePorpoise 2014年7月9日下午8:08 
i wish i had friends play left 4 dead 2
Deathstrike 2014年7月10日上午10:09 
janruzowitzky 2014年7月12日上午4:52 
Played it several months from a different account with buddies. From realistic perspective, game is dumb as hell, but I can't stop playing it! Very addictive, very fun and workshop is neverending stream of new content :)
#T.A.R.K. 2014年7月12日上午7:15 
I think that it's the most perfect co-op zombie game :))
正在显示第 1 - 6 条,共 6 条留言
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