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Bread Crumbs Jul 8, 2014 @ 1:20am
Raging does not help ------> What you should do instead...
I just want to say that raging does not help or do you any good. If your team is failing or losing, why rage? Might as well throw your PC out the window or smash it...

Anyway, I know it is frustrating to lose and fail all the time. We all want to win and succeed. However, to some people, losing one time already means "the end of the world". Really? That's nonsense! It's a game. Don't let those losses go to your head. If you lose or fail, you can learn from it. Think: What did you or your team do wrong? If your strategy isn't working, what other strategies can you or your team form to succeed?

If you have 1 bad teammate* on your team, you have a few options:
1. Leave the game (Not recommended)
2. Vote to kick (May seem harsh, but if you have no choice, you have to do it)
3. Tell them to stop what they are doing (If they don't listen, go for Option 2)

*A player who:
- Leaves the team behind
- Has the "I can solo this" attitude
- Hogs all the healing items
- Runs in front of your line of fire
- Purposely kills teammates
- Ignores instructions

Make sure your team communicates often. Use your microphone or the chat to communicate. Chet Faliszek, the game's writer, said that communication is important in L4D2.

To all new players, please, DO NOT jump straight into versus, realism, survival and scavenge modes. It is highly recommended that you play campaign/single player first (preferably Single Player) to learn the game basics. Once you are familiar with the campaigns, weapons, and gameplay, go ahead and play online Campaign mode. If you do want to play Versus mode, go ahead, but expect yourselfs to be kicked often...there's no room for mistakes in public Versus games (although there are cases where a team of inexperienced players kick the best player on the team...)

Lastly, if your team is not doing well, don't get angry. Re-formulate your strategy. Work with your teammates. "Strategy is as important as speed. Be patient and aim for the win" (from Gran Turismo 4)

Have a good game!
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天狗waLccinG Jul 9, 2014 @ 1:18pm 
nice little post there, subaru IMPREZA (nice nick, btw ;))
i agree with every point, even though there are some exceptions.
i, for instance, have played this game for 400-500 hours at this point and somewhere down the line, i also started playing versus, obviously.
however, for the past 3 months i am on a loosing streak (should be a new record by now.) i'm not even kidding, i haven't won one match in 3 months now. at first i played about 5 - 6 versus games per week but i stopped playing versus all together lately and i just stick to expert.
that would be one exception for the first rule you mentioned (leaving the game.)

because leaving the game sometimes (at least in versus) is the best solution, because what's the point in playing a game where you obviously get stomped?
for instance: you play no mercy. chapter 1. everyone of the enemy team makes it to the saferoom, while no one of your team makes it. that's okay it's still possible to win, but if the same thing happens in chapter 2? i think it's pretty much lost at that point, so leaving is (in my opinion) the most reasonable action before you "waste your time" or start raging.

just a little thought =)
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Dr Chaos MK Jul 9, 2014 @ 1:23pm 
100% agree. We do not need " mad " apes / gorillas ranting & raving in games. Myself & another person kicked out such a person last night on a No Mercy public campaign game. It went better after he was gone let me tell you.
Eirene Jul 9, 2014 @ 9:44pm 
If you don't know something, the more you do it for experience. Not like they got any idea what those mode mean. The mode didn't say anything like "not for beginners" and "for advance player only" etc.
Russians don't understand this.
Yamaha Jul 10, 2014 @ 9:10am 
Originally posted by Justuas FIN:
Russians don't understand this.
Care to elaborate?
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