Suby Boxer Power Jul 2 @ 11:44pm
Tier 2 Shotguns - Overpowered?
I have been reading forum threads about weapons, and I noticed many players mentioning that the Tier 2 Semi-Automatic shotguns are overpowered. Can anyone provide a reason why? I don't know. Here are the damage per shot(s) (DPS) for both T1 and T2 shotguns:

Chrome Shotgun = 248 DPS
Pump Shotgun = 250 DPS
Tactical Shotgun = 253 DPS
Combat Shotgun = 252 DPS
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Fox Jul 3 @ 5:44am 
t2 weapons = spam
[linux] sophia hapgood Jul 3 @ 6:03am 
Shotguns are overpowered, and this is why. Taken from concerning max range of various weapons:

SMG Silent = 181 feet or 2176 world units

Pistol, SMG, Mp5 = 202 feet or 2432 world units

All shotguns, AK, M4, M60, Desert Rifle and SG552 = 245 feet or 2944 units

Deagle = 288 feet or 3456 world units.

All snipers = 682 feet or 8192 world units.

It's not the shotgun damage that matters, it's their range. While it's perfectly reasonable that sniper rifles have extremely long range, it's completely ridiculous to see that shotguns have the third longest range out of the weapons. Shotguns - tier 1 and 2- have just as much max range as the automatic rifles, and even have more than tier 1 machine guns and pistols.

Shotguns *should* have massive point blank damage, but when their power extends over an absurdly large length there is a problem. Auto-shotgun users are able to do things like kill smokers on the roofs in Dead Center, or shoot boomers from across the map. It's extremely overpowered.
Weaver Jul 3 @ 6:25am 
I would say it's "OP" in the sense there's no damage drop off such that at mid-range(which is normally a rifle's MED): a shotgun spammer can deal more dps compared when realistically that's not fair. Specifically: Each pellet is about 26-28 damage so if 9-11 pellets are coming at you at; theoretically shotguns can do more damage at a quicker rate, at the same distance rifles normally do, without that much skill. -The last part is where I can see some people really take offense.

9 pellets is what Combat shotgun dispenses, but tighter spread. 11 pellets if you're looking at the Tactical shotgun(
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