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Nauticaleye Jul 19, 2014 @ 10:00pm
What is SOLO in l4d2 expert realism?
This post is specially for all those players who enjoy and play expert realism , and is not supposed to flame anyone or to bother ppl either, but is just to clarify stuff. well recently I’ve seen some posts about game styles in this game mode, and I’ve seen some misinformation about certain things that I would like to discuss with all of you to hear your opinions, the thread will be mostly about this:

Solos in l4d2 and the misinformation about them.

I know l4d2 wasn’t meant to be played that way (and that’s tbh the charm of this way to play) , is coop after all, but in some point the game design and the will of some players led to try the “impossible”: you agasint everything.

Remember all this in the expert realism mode.

Well my thoughts about this post started when I saw some ppl talking about that rush with teammates in the same game is “solo-ing” l4d2, but that’s not true at all, that’s just rush leaving behind teammates ( might be used as a tactic or whatever, I personally don’t care), also I want to clarify that rush, and (what I call now due to those posts) TRUE l4d2 solo are very different simply because in the first more players are involved in the game; yes I agree with the ppl who says that rush is an exploit, but in l4d2 TRUE solo (and even in regular l4d2 ) can be also a tactic or strategy to survive when something is too big to manage yourself, to say examples like block ladders with your character so the zombies will get stuck climbing or like jump over zombies heads to gain speed and be able to jump higher those are exploits too, AND valid tactics to save your ♥♥♥ in solo and why not in regular l4d2. Everything depends of how you want to play your game, how much skill you have and even so about how much luck you got that day.

I want to talk a little about the differences in rush and what I can call from now on too TRUE rush, rush is the activity when you leave teammates behind while you go ahead shoving and taking all the items possible or whatever to get into the safe room, and TRUE rush is when you try to do that in a TRUE solo. Why is there a difference? Is simple, in rush the director has more players to target and we already know how the director works in that case becoming rush a certain exploit, but in TRUE rush you are the only target , the director can’t find anyone else to destroy with all the army of specials and zombies, in this game is only you and him, you can’t escape and you have to face everything, in TRUE rush I can say, you are really showing off a highly test of speed and fast thinking, is not only press “w” and shove as some players can say in this posts, is real strategy going in your brain in an amount of milliseconds, is true adrenaline.

About solos I felt the need to say all this because i usually perform them and I know how different is a “solo” from TRUE solo, and I didn’t like the misinformation given recently about it, I know out there are many other players who performs this kind of true solo runs in l4d2 and I felt like the ppl must know the difference cuz involves different levels of skill and hell so much patience and dedication.

To finish ill post some footages:

Explotation examples and true solo:

True solo:

True rush:

I dindt give this names to those things just to look arrogant, I gave it to them cuz I think they are legit in their own kind, and I couldn’t think in other word to say more than “true”.
Thanks for the attention and I expect your opinions.

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I think of it kinda like Portal 2's coop maps. Some of those maps can be finished solo. But they require exploits to do so. That's okay, you're *supposed* to do it with 2 people, and there is no advantage if you leave your partner in the dust. Using those same exploits with two people is lame. But Portal 2 is a bit different, in that people are proud to use exploits, even really lame exploits like the crouch flying funnel glitch.

Rushing ahead of your team is different. As mentioned by yourself and in other threads, it exploits poor design decisions.

IMO, even rushing with your team is bad, mostly because it still exploits the ebb and flow of the Director, and the Director will cull more SI that way, but at least you aren't spawn blocking commons. I'd rather the Director decrease the Intensity variable more quickly for rushers, and teleport SI instead of culling them. It's so obvious that this game was designed for a slow to medium pace of people who stick together.

Need 4 Speed < Left 4 Dead
Nauticaleye Jul 20, 2014 @ 7:49am 
yes i agree, l4d2 was designed for slow or medium paced gameplay, also l4d2 wasnt designed for solo, in solo you kinda break the design itself of the game, but there is something else in this type of game that personally makes it appealing, i mean is not only exploiting and using lames way to beat the game in solo you really need knowledge in the game and strategy and even if you exploit you have to do it almost perfectly lol i know it sounds weird but is true, the game has to be perfect cuz nobody can save you, it breaks the design in two directions, one of then giving you a sort of advantage and the other in the opposite way making it challenging.

The game gets even more intense for the player who is in it, cuz the director doesnt care if you are just one player, and it will attack you in the same way as if there were 4 players making the game harder, but also can break the design for advantage too, in solo you have more items and supplies, you dont have to take care of anyone else, and also you quickly can learn how to prepare for each special infected, yoou can see easily how the AI for each special works and how to "trap" them in their own game, for example the jockey is fearless , he always will come after you, so you only have to wait for him camping, the smoker is "impatience" in 4 player he can target more ppl so he doesnt go agasint you to attack, he can wait and camp you, but in solo you just get into a room and the smoker will go fearless and stuppidly agaisnt you so you can kill it easily, in solo since yuo are the only target ironically thats an advantage too.
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It is quite revealing about this community that there is a legitimate discussion of game mechanics here, no flaming...and there are hardly any replies.
Nauticaleye Jul 21, 2014 @ 12:31am 
i know right, but in defense of the community i can say maybe not many players performs this kind of runs in the game so maybe thats why pretty much nobody is interested, anyway thanks for your opinions.
11☠0 Jul 21, 2014 @ 11:43am 
In both forms of rushing, doing it at certain points still seperates you from the spawns. It does have its uses, as doing so relieves you of some pressure and allows fluidity- your crash course run demonstrates just that point. Other than that, I agree with you in that there is a huge tier of competence between a skillful solo player and a poor solo player who'll drop underneath pressure.

You have excellent points about true solo play, in that it requires quick thinking and solid strategizing, and I am of the same mind that many from the usual stock of rushing cannot perform those sort of runs. There are many rambos within a team who are rushers that exploit the poor design of the director but so few truly solo rushers who can bounce back if the tables are turned.

Good videos. I enjoyed them.
Nauticaleye Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:51pm 
Thanks for your opinions always glad to hear there are more players who performs this runs, not many ppl knows about them and how different they are.

The recent posts only misinformed about what is a true solo and what is not. yes rushing breaks the game design, but in true solo still when you rush it demands some sort of strategy and planning, you dont only move forward wihtout use any brain at all, you know why you are going back or forward because the true soloist knows what is doing. As you say the player might be looking for some pressure relieving as i did in crash course, but that time not going forward but going back something that a regular rusher would never allow himslef/herself to do, since they only think in "forward" which denies any strategy.

A strategy is build by the player to beat the map wihtout any help at all, using anythign he/she can ( acording to his /her skill and knowledge) to achieve it.

and thanks again i enjoyed (and raged sometimes) making the videos lol
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kesuga7 Jul 21, 2014 @ 3:07pm 
Originally posted by scintillating luminescence:
Need 4 Speed < Left 4 Dead

hah yeah , honestly i think there are better games suited/rewarding to the 'rushing' playstyle such as oldschool fps games i guess instead of abusing a outdated AI director in team based game
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Nauticaleye Jul 22, 2014 @ 12:38am 
Originally posted by kesuga7:
Originally posted by scintillating luminescence:
Need 4 Speed < Left 4 Dead

hah yeah , honestly i think there are better games suited/rewarding to the 'rushing' playstyle such as oldschool fps games i guess instead of abusing a outdated AI director in team based game

you are right about it, tho in true solo anything is a possible "weapon" to beat the director.
in true solo the director wont stop to beat you, he will attack you with everythiing he got for 4 players in the game so you better dont doubt to use everything you can.
|B4ST4RDS| Sophia Jul 26, 2014 @ 3:23pm 
Nice thread, it's good to see people pursuing higher levels of game play. Hopefully this is an inspiration to anyone who is interested in what expert realism is really about- more advanced skills in L4D2.
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