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>=) 2014年7月19日下午5:49
Your weapon of choice?
Just curious what people's prefered weapons are. My favorite primary is the AK-47, Melee: Katana (surprise :P), Throwable: Bile. My least favorite weapon might be the Scar. I'm just not a fan of the 3 - round burst. What are your favorite / least favorite weapons?
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ORRIS 2014年7月19日下午5:55 
axe, pipe bomb, m16 ,or xm10
Zero Zero 2014年7月19日下午6:41 
Automatic Shotty and M16.
Deagle and Chainsaw.
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...Throwable: Bile....

The bile jar needs to be used strategically. Not used as a pipe bomb. It spawns a horde which can be very large at times. People that just chuck a bile because there are a lot of wandering zombies drive me crazy. They also, usually, manage to throw the bile at the worst possible time. Very annoying on expert. Use it with fire. Throw it off a ledge. Throw it off map. Use it when a horde has already spawned and you need to regroup, pick up a teammate, or run. Don't just chuck it in front of you and especially don't use it on a tank unless you're running away from it.
CoryStarkiller 2014年7月19日下午7:16 
They are all useful depending one what you are currently doing, running or camping.
Running: Scar, Hunting, Combat, Scout(if it has the CSS weapons)
Camping: AK, Military, Auto, AWP(if it has the CSS weapons)
All-Round: M16, SIG(if it has the CSS weapons)

SIG goes in All-Round because it is full auto normally, and single shot when zoomed, allowing it to be used in all situations.
Sakura 2014年7月19日下午8:12 
Molotov cocktail, sub machine gun, and a katana.
♡.: Angel :.♡ 2014年7月19日下午9:30 
最后由 ♡.: Angel :.♡ 编辑于; 2014年7月19日下午9:30
DopeBoyMaGiK 2014年7月19日下午11:42 
Primary: Spas Shotgun
Secondary: Deagle
Throwable: Molotove
007 2014年7月19日下午11:46 
The mighty crowbar.
Squishymishy 2014年7月20日上午12:25 
HR, fireaxe, bile, med, peelz

Bile because I play a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of vs, you can use it to both get rid of horde and splash over that SI you can hear is around the corner, blind it, then wallbang it with ya HR.

All the pros be all :DONT BILE THE TONK
But in your last few seconds before getting b!tch punched by tonk, if you manage to blind tonk, slice him a bit and run away into the night thats a success right?
最后由 Squishymishy 编辑于; 2014年7月20日上午12:27
Squishymishy 2014年7月20日上午12:46 
Else if the horde is too much or my team can't click zambehs properly yet go the SG-552 (css weapon). It has a 1.5 base zoom and higher DPM than the AK/M16. Although you do run out of ammo a lot quicker.
ЁШКА 2014年7月20日上午2:43 
Heartless 2014年7月20日上午3:20 
Primary: Tier 2 Shotguns, Sniper Rifle, M4
Secondary: Magnun(don't judge, kay), Katana, or the Fire
Throwable: Pipe Bomb
Lemmy 2014年7月20日上午5:01 

Or the German Weapons Assault Rifle
最后由 Lemmy 编辑于; 2014年7月20日上午5:21
piepie 2014年7月20日上午6:10 
shotguns and snipers!
BlackMilk 2014年7月20日上午7:06 
Combat shotgun, military sniper rifle with laser (or hunting rifle) and katana/machete or magnum. Bile bomb is nice but because most people tend to go for the bombs and leave the molotovs lying around, I'll often grab one of those for the next tank.

If my team has players in it who are clearly new, I'll probably grab a bile bomb and save it for when we REALLY need it.
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