ILKA Jul 29 @ 3:51am
Im sick of getting kicked from servers
Hello, sometimes, when playing as infected, we may fail once or twice (e.g charge and miss) and the place is like 'OMgz yur SUc a nub, Yo must be kiked' and they all vote you off. we should want to put at end to this BS and make l4d2 a nice community and hopefully friendly again. Why cant it be like it used to be
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XP Jul 29 @ 4:00am 
It is like use to be. Problem is, you played with the... wrong ppl.
ILKA Jul 29 @ 4:02am 
the wrong people can be everywhere though
TheMasterBlaster™ Jul 29 @ 4:18am 
Play campaigns.
ToF` Jul 29 @ 5:00am 
play with friend
Ihouse Jul 29 @ 5:04am 
Unfortunately, you are absolutely right. You get so much hatred and just plain rude people that makes versus not enjoyable. Sometimes you do real good in versus, and other times you don't. Like you said the jerks ruin the gaming experience. You have to remember that some of the players have no life and are hated in the real world and they go on to insult as much as they can in the game. I hope if Valve decides to make another left 4 dead, they inprove the versus.
b00 get SP00k't k1d Jul 29 @ 5:09am 
stop being bad at the game.
AmmoniaC Jul 29 @ 5:14am 
You have to know;

When to spawn
When to attack
When to rush
When to stop
When to wait
When to heal
When to heal others
When to use pills
When to share pills
When to use molo/pipe/jar
How to and when to respawn
How to use guns
Which gun to take
The good spots to spawn


Play fast
Act fast
Use microphone
Follow others
Lead or follow
Play campaign


Play the game unless you use microphone
Play the game unless you know the maps
Rush alone unless you know what you are doing
Spam the mic
Attack alone unless you know what you are doing
Waste time
Leave the game

Did I mention play campaing?

Play campaign.
SingularityGO Jul 29 @ 5:41am 
Yeah, I only have 20 hours of this game and yet I always am the best on my team :D
The guy above is right about everything. Also, each infected class has a specific strategy. For example, if you are a spitter/boomer, you should try to get incapitated teammates since they are not able to escape you and fight off the horde coming so that you can do maximum damage to them. Also, USE THE CLIFFS ON THE MAPS. IF YOU GET THEM TO FALL OFF, THEY ARE DEAD. Also, for me, as survivor, always stick together, look behind every 5 seconds or so, and NEVER fall behind or you will get rekt. Hope this helps!
quack Jul 29 @ 6:21am

If you don't like playing online you can always download the improved bots addon and play versus single player, granted the bots aren't great but it'll still let you play as infected without worrying about others. Also you can find/make friends with similar playstyles
Mr.Connor The Hunter Jul 29 @ 6:50am 
I agree With The Person Above And Also maybe try group servers and chat a little more and possibly say that you have to miss somtimes like i missed a mate 4 times as charger yet in the end took him into the water and killed him yet i didnt get called a noobie
PeekAboo.I.C.U Jul 29 @ 7:05am 
You could follow AmonniaC 's advice. Get a mic if you don't have one, at least you can curse the idiots. When getting kicked be sure to Friendly fire their butts. Also be sure to block A-holes. Unless you wanna join them again 15 minutes later using console command "openserverbrowser" find that recently played on server, go back, and open up some more trolling FF, lets face it, they deserve it.

The l4d community is like many, full of "i'm pro" and they think they are great and that it doesn't matter that no one likes them. I personally hate l4d2 now, cause its boring and so are the pro's who play it.

And don't worry about playing Campaign mode, you dont really learn much from it, as versus is a totally different animal. You learn by watching what others do with their infected, and try to emmulate. Attack together. Buddy system. Pick a guy to cover and hope he covers you, you are accountabilibuddyable, for you accountabilibuddies.
Mr.Connor The Hunter Jul 29 @ 7:48am 
Totaly Right Ken Although Buddy Systems Does Depend On The Map On What Specials Each Person Like Which Is Another Thing Try To Find A Special Who Your Good At If your Playing With The pick Plugin (where you Pick Infected) Or If Not Use A Mic To Keep In Communication And As Always Try To Have Fun
gr8 m8 b8 h8 r8 l8 d8 f8 pl8 Jul 29 @ 10:59am 
Originally posted by Mari:

If you don't like playing online you can always download the improved bots addon and play versus single player, granted the bots aren't great but it'll still let you play as infected without worrying about others.
how do you do that?
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