Xx_TW33T_TEH_MLG_PARAK33T_xX Aug 24, 2014 @ 3:56pm
Dual pistols or Magnum?
In terms of Damage, DPS, and accuracy, Which would be the better choice for picking off distant Smokers and covering myself while I'm incapped for an auto-shotgun main such as myself?
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Visi Aug 24, 2014 @ 4:19pm 
I'd say magnum.
Basset Aug 24, 2014 @ 4:26pm 
Magnum, the dual pistols fire much slower while you're down and the magnum is way more accurate for shooting things at a distance.
Gimmeh Jibbs! Aug 24, 2014 @ 4:57pm 
Personally, I've been going with dual pistols far more often for general use. While the Magnum does more damage and has better crouch accuracy, its standing and move shooting are awful. Assuming 3 shots an Infected on normal for dual pistols, you can also kill two more Commons with the duals. So I go with dual pistols most of the time.
Kozzer Aug 24, 2014 @ 5:14pm 
magnum you can insta kill common like theres no tommorrow
Banshee Aug 24, 2014 @ 5:30pm 
Pretty sure the magnum covers all three. Valve didn't balance the secondaries well at all.
Tory Aug 24, 2014 @ 6:14pm 
Melee negates boomer hoard.
Magnum negates jockey/charger walking up to smack you then jump you.
Nino_Chaosdrache Aug 25, 2014 @ 5:29pm 
I go with dual pistols, because of the low magazine size of the magnum.
[†]Munkee_King[†] Aug 25, 2014 @ 5:30pm 
Versus: Magnum.

Campaign: Dual pistols.
JohnTori Aug 25, 2014 @ 8:41pm 
I always go magnum if I find one, especially for the scenarios you've said. I'll sometimes go with magnum for a very long time before I really need to use my main weapon. Does great damage and is accurate when still or walking/crouching, which you'll need if you want to really pick off some smokers. Also fires at the same rate and accuracy when you're incapped, unlike dual pistols where your accuracy goes out the window and you shoot slower. Not to mention in that situation, your damage to infected is weaker because you're using dual pistols. Magnum could easily blow off some infected legs and reload time isn't that bad because you're reloading only one weapon. (Of course, if there's hundreds surrounding you then you're dead either way.)
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