BlackOpifex Jul 30, 2014 @ 9:04pm
Barebones mouse solutions for novice PC player
Throw my hours played out the window. I just mean that i'm not a PC gamer proper, with my college laptop. There are only a variety of games that I can play and for some reason I can't hit a constant 60fps anymore on low settings on l4d2. but anyway, I bought a Logitech G502 and I'm loving it over the deathadder. It's really a great mouse. It's what I'll get (uunless there's some form of upgrade) when I move to PC gameplay proper. But I thought about it and good as it is, I basically paid for ergonomics. Can't really take advantage of everything else till I get on PC proper, and thus what I paid is too much and I'm going to return it.

I kind of long for an old Razer product (with the ugly, lit up scroll wheel that looks kinda good in a werid ugly way) or like a microsfot mouse or something.

Maybe like a basic gaming mouse? I just want it to feel decent. Performance and reliablity is the name of the game here. Recommendations/brands? I'm right handed and found (from the Deathadder and g502 that i like ergonomics).
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BlackOpifex Jul 30, 2014 @ 9:23pm 
It's liek I want to get back to basics; 5 button mouse at the most. Back to the days when there wasn't adjustable CPI. People were good then.... no reason why I can't do it now. i was just thinking.. does hardware make THAT BIG ofa difference?
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