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aatlantisstudios  [developer] Sep 14, 2017 @ 6:36am
Here is Sugarmill's roadmap for the final release version.

-Path priorities(4) road type, dirt, gravel, stone, bricks (diff speed bonus boost)
-On shift + bulldoze = demolish roads only(3)
-Allow/forbid products into Storage(2)
-A well or way to collect water from river(2)
-Immigrants(2) (set in dock amount of them) max of 5% of locals, coming in every 7-15 years
-(2) Change build road routine (so road can't be started in an incorrect spot)
-Spacebar pause/unpause
-Job prioritize button (so workers do jobs you need to get done first)
-Auto trade or recurring orders (every year, every 2 years, 5 years)
-Research tree
-House upgrades
-Crown quest for export wood
-People (adults) list to select them by click
-HeavyLoad and Wheelbarrow prioritize orders
-Show a list of workers in buildings
-Walk around the village in 1st person camera
-People if over fertility age should not move out of their parents
-Shipyard will need hardwood to build ships
-Inland defense(combat)
-Shoes implemented with speed penalty malus if NPCs didn't wear them
-From Animal farms, subproduct dried feces and that these are used as fuel
-Simple Modding
-Advanced Modding
-Non-expiratory products (Dried fish, meat, corn flour)
-In-game economy (people having money, paying for food and taxes)
-Retirement home so the elderly can move out of the houses after they can't have kids
-HeavyLoad Haulers service the Dock
-Localization languages
-Cancelling Orders

Please be aware that I will implement new features the best way I can fit them into my schedule. Also, I need to keep ironing bugs. Only new things will get implemented when the game is ready for a given feature.

Also if you want to add a new point or vote +1 for a specific one reply to this post:

Please to keep this clean, do not comment here. Comments in this post will be deleted

If you need to comment do it here:

Thanks to all the community for the support and enthusiasm for the game!

More good and awesome things to come!

Currently In Progress:
-MOD file preparation
-Resolution GUI issue
-Revamping new assets
-Preparing to announce the final release date

-(2) Change notification window. To be less intrusive
-New 3d assets (5)
-Decorative items(3)
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