Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

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More games like this?
(besides Ethan Carter or Kholat)
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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is also by The Chinese Room. It looks great, but I've never played it myself...yet.

Montague's Mount is similar to Dear Esther insofar as the Scottish/Gaelic theme and setting, but involves puzzles so therefore is a lot more challenging. I've yet to finish it myself, largely due to the aforementioned puzzles.

I wouldn't say that Sir, You Are Being Hunted is the same, as it's a stealth/horror game. However, you can disable any and all enemies and therefore make it more of an exploration game. It's procedurally generated British countryside, and it's absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended.
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-Drizzlepath is pretty much the same as Dear Esther. I recommend all the games of this developer (Tonguc Bodur) if you've enjoyed DE.

-Gone Home - I love this game so much. has more gameplay than DE, you have to read letters and search for stuff.

-Proteus is almost the same. very pretty graphics and beautiful music!

-The Path - walk through a forest as one of multiple sisters.

-Home is Where One Starts - short (less than an hour) but sweet !

-Star Sky 1/2 - sidescroller. you can trigger certain events and have to play it multiple times. very short but so lovely.

Other games that are different but share an almost identical melancholic atmosphere with DE:

-Life is Strange - words cannot describe my feelings towards this game. if the end doesn't have you in tears, then you're not human.

-Oxenfree - pretty similar to LiS but less sadness involved.

-Firewatch - not quite as melancholic as the other games on this list, but also beautiful and super fun.

-Virginia ... the last 15 minutes kinda ruined this game for me, but until then it was nice. considering the bad ending and the veeeery short playtime I recommend getting this on sale.

-Night in the Woods - finished it today. Very sweet game, makes you think about life quite a lot.

And tonight im goin to play "Blackwood Crossing" and am very very very much looking forward to playing it!

Hope I could help ^^
Eidolon and Proteus are two games that immediately come to mind when I think of games similar to this. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is another game made by the same people that did Dear Esther.
ew0lve Apr 23 @ 7:54am 
The Old City: Leviathan
Vanishing of Ethan Carter.
What Remains of Edith Finch - Recently released and getting alot of hype
GaZoZ May 10 @ 4:49pm 
"Kona" which just got released, im playing it currently and its marvelous in its narration and setting. Its a winter setting set in Canada and youre a private detective searching houses and generally soaking in the citys story and population along with some mysteries. Theres alot of satisfying gameplay elements to it aswell rather than staring at stuff, like collecting stuff and reading diaries and extra stories you find around and taking pictures with your camera to discover mysteries. You can also drive around in this game from place to place while following a map which gives a really satisfying feel of actually being a person visiting these places in the harsh cold. Theres a cold mechanic aswell which means you cant wander around in the cold for too long either without starting to freeze its a light mechanics but enough to give it a cool felling its not something that will ruin your gameplay at all.

It feels like a mystery novel blended in with the movies "Fargo & A Simple Plan"

Can also recommend "Firewatch" like someone else here does absolutely marvelous game with a great setting and dialogue/narration. Its also a bit more "bright setting/game" which might be a good starting point if you want to avoid scary elements or a grim setting etc.
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Madbat May 12 @ 12:04pm 
Firewatch was good, and Everybody's gone to the Rapture was good as well, although the movement pace is frustratingly slow. The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter is Excellent as well, although it requires observation and some detective skills. The Old City, Leviathan is a pretty good bit of philosophical twaddle, but the planned parts 2 and 3 have been abandoned. Home Is Where One Starts is very short, but good. Also, one I recently finished is All The Delicate Duplicates. Strange but also very good.
Originally posted by ew0lve:
The Old City: Leviathan

I really liked that one for some reason.
Definitely Gone Home. Although you should wait until it's on sale for $5. The game is rather short, but memorable.
everett Aug 2 @ 3:19pm 
Having just played What Remains of Edith Finch (mostly because I enjoyed Dear Esther), I can tell you it's a very good game along the same basic lines. Like this game, it's only good if you're playing it for the story, but it's superior in a number of ways (better story, much better artwork, more interactive while still being a walking simulator). One big difference is that some of the stories take the form of mini-games (each very different from the last, with interaction that helps tell its story rather than distract from it). It has a brighter look, but the story is (in some ways) much darker. One strongpoint is that the writers did an excellent job of working out a good order to tell each story in, and in making you care (as a player) about who each person was by the time you get to their part. It's an excellent game, one of the few I've played twice in a row, and that's from an extremely picky and analytical game player.
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