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Madguy  [developer] Apr 3 @ 10:19am
Suggestions for new "Industrial" objects and locations?
I'm currently working on fleshing out the Industrial area a bit more to differentiate it from the Slums. If you've got ideas for different types of environmental objects and buildings/locations, post 'em here!
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Ttron4 Apr 3 @ 2:42pm 
make the floor look like sheet metal. and diffrent looking lamps
Ka Apr 3 @ 2:53pm 
I have a few.

  • Towned-down robots pratolling the streets, along with the police. (Not overpowered like the Killer Robot, just maybe a little stronger than the normal policeman) They could hear better and see you farther away.
  • Maybe have disabled robots that can be hacked, like in a abandoned factory, they could fight for you or you could explode them to distract or kill someone.
  • Having some kind of active factory with things to do, like you could release gas from inside the factory to the streets nearby, overloading something and explode the whole thing, or something like that.
  • You could have someone being the owner and have workers inside the factory, then you would have to stop the machines and/or free the workers/kill the boss. it would be a harder Neutralize/Free slaves/Operate mission, I guess, but at least it would be something different.
  • I don't know if it is possible or if its too time consuming to do, but it would be cool to see buildings with 2 or more floors in the industrial area.
  • Instead of a graveyard, the industrial area could have a "landfill." (I think that's what you call it in english, its a place full of trash.) where you could find random items, hobos, waste, trash, enemies, you could try to get a item but you could get a disease or something.

That's all I have, I hope I was able to at least help you think of something.
cops with body armour
How about conveyor belts that move people and objects around

Or restricted construction sites filled with lots of workers

Maybe a train or something as an environmental hazard/transport around the level?
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Kaizo Apr 3 @ 3:08pm 
Yeah, a graveyard in the industrial area is not smt you'd see often. Hobos would be a good replacement for the ghosts in that area. I second the factories & robots.
Couple ideas here
-Oil coated floors that could be caught on fire
-Factory buildings that produce certain themes of things, essentially breaking into a weapons factory would be a near surefire way to find ammo and weapons, food production factories, etc.
-This idea doesn't fall in specifically with the industrial floor, but maybe floor specific items would be nice, a hidden area or special enemy on each section of the game that gives an upgrade or special item to EVERYONE in the lobby.
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I'd like to see a conveyer belt system, similar to what we saw in Star Wars attack of the clones, where it moves forwards steadily and 'compactors' drop down to crush things, maybe 'choppers' that cut up debris. Include maybe a vacuum at the end that sucks up anything that falls inside, and a thing at the beginning that spits out cubes which will be 'processed'. Maybe sometimes for lulz it will spit out a live grenade/bomb or something?

I love Kaffi's ideas for robots, so long as the Hacker can hack them.

Going along with his landfill idea too, perhaps a series of cleaning bots that drag the bodies away while whistling a merry tune? Could liken it to how cheerfully corporate America chews up and spits out people it doesn't care about.

In other news, I'd like to see a generally bigger increase in difficulty. I want the enemies to be tougher and take more hits/deal more damage. The game is rather like the same difficulty through each section right now.
Gandalf Apr 3 @ 3:47pm 
Definately need some convayers. I would totally love to see more objectives, maybe something like how the mayor is corrupt with beer, a distillery you have to sabatoge, but say the workers would be innocent if you were a cop. Also I see workers with battle axes all the time, maybe have some logging areas around. I like the earlier thought of robots but you could have that one pushy trap kinda be an arm that makes stuff on a convayer. I just think adding more objectives would be great. I feel the later levels should maybe feel larger than the slums cause the slums should feel tight and compact while others could be more open.
I would like to see a steel mill or metal foundry with molten metal pots on a conveyor that could be hacked or damaged somehow to cause fires and/or damage. Maybe fork trucks that could be hijacked.

Railyard with moving trains.

Shipyard or Dock. Be able to enter boats for missions and loot. Maybe for fun have pirates! Also possible playable character (Pirate)

Mudmag Apr 3 @ 5:08pm 
I would love an oil/gasoline liquid that could spill all over the ground. Once it caught fire, the whole thing would instantly go into flames. This could probably spawn from either oil barrels or gas pumps.

Also, the cigarette lighter would be really cool if it could create a small flame. Therefore, it would be able to light the oil/gas.

Stronger NPCs overall would be appreciated!
CodeRen Apr 3 @ 6:42pm 
rmaybe make a robot building factory and see people transporting robots?
it would add a unique mob to industrial and introdoce diferent types or robots

when i think industrial i think manufacturing, which then i think robots! Please add some robots!
Enough with the robots,
If you are planning on making accessable factorys, i would reccomend adding a break room to every factory seed, with a fridge filled with food.
When i think industry, i think of forklifts, not sure if you want to make drivable vehicles, miiight be cool for a rogue-lite. Maybe some metal rods/pipes would work for more weapons
Madguy  [developer] Apr 3 @ 10:14pm 
I won't be doing any sort of vehicle, but some other suggestions in here will be going in. I actually already had conveyor belts working.
Rodats Apr 3 @ 10:38pm 
I've just realized that my post was too long for this thread, so I decided to put it in a google docs format:
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What about a object /machine that when interated it would spread out air pollution or oil on the ground!!
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