Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention

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omega  [developer] Jul 10, 2014 @ 11:30pm
Tactical Intervention - Beta Content
Starting in the next update once things are ready we will be introducing Beta Content into the public version.

This will mostly be new maps, and content that is not 100% finished, but requires testing and feedback.

This means, you will get to play new things that we've been unable to release due to the complex nature, and limited team / testing base, as well as the reluctance to release unfinished content.

I will create a topic related to each specific item, for which reports and screenshots can be posted if you find anything, and then the issues will be fixed as soon as humanly possible.

Some new beta maps may only stay live for approximately 10 days, depending on how much work still needs to be done on them, so please utilize that period wisely!

I will unlock this forum later, as you can currently only view.

Thanks for all your support guys,
You've been one hell of a loyal community under all the insane circumstances.

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ФJohnny RingoФ Jul 23, 2014 @ 10:52pm 
Not related to the other 3 threads, but since the update, everytime I join a Highway match, the room crashes. I can watch the present round play out no problem, then I can select driver etc. Once it goes to the next screen and I click Ready, the room crashes for everyone. This happens EVERY time...
SkaY Jul 29, 2014 @ 8:57am 
Hey Omega I got a idea for a new game mode. Car CTF

Why this is a good idea:
1. Adds the fun of two modes.
2. Adds alot of team based tactics.
3. Cars.

1. Spawn Points.
2. Players being harder to hit.
3. Cap points.
4. XP system.

I think this could be a great idea, but you need to overcome alot of problems.
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