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mnL Dec 19, 2013 @ 2:52am
Servers back Online - Patch Notes 19/12/13
We’re happy to announce that the Tactical Intervention Servers are back up and running NOW! As of 11:00am CET on Thursday 19th December, our weekly maintenance is over and all services are back online. Along with a number of bug fixes this week, we've also added some christmas content.

Patch Notes
  • Updated content for christmas events
  • Added 3 more hostage models
  • Fixed up cars during planning so they don't roll away from spawn
  • Some adjustments to player-car impacts
  • Some fixes for functionality that uses the steam overlay
  • Localization and icon adjustments
  • Updated player models and skins
  • Temporary possible fix for OSX 10.9
  • Optimized game content