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omega  [developer] Apr 29, 2014 @ 11:23pm
Maintenance / April 30, 2014 - We're Back!
Maintenance this week has now been finished and we're back!

We'd first like to thank all of you, and extend a warm welcome to all of the new players that have joined us this week it's great to have you, and hope that you'll enjoy your stay and continue to follow us as we strive to make Tactical Intervention the best it can possibly be!

See below for the Patch Notes.

All In-game purchasable Character models have been reduced in price

AS50, AMD65, GK417, DUAL MTX Are now available for gamepoints

Addons + Camo
  • Silencer
  • Flashlight
  • [Skin] Gold
  • [Skin] Blue Digital
  • Silencer
  • Flashlight
  • Red-Dot
  • Holo-Sight
  • ACOG
  • [Skin] Olive
  • Silencer
  • Flashlight
  • Red-Dot
  • Holo-Sight
  • ACOG
  • [Skin] Ice Lake Camo

One of our Community Members IMEIФ has created a great guide to help you in aquiring new equipment and weapons and properly setting up your Inventory and Weapon Rack. View it here!

Patch Notes
  • fixed issue with fallback equipment failing and always giving shield
  • prevent fire/teargas from spamming damage notifications
  • drastically improved and fixed up issues with horitontal viewkick
  • toned down ak/dsa/gk417/amd65 vertical kick
  • balance tweaks for p90 and superv
  • fixed zoom sway in cars
  • you can now name your loadout slots
  • fixed regression that broke standing in smoke
  • increase tear gas duration, gas cloud radius, and duration of cloud
  • increased view range while looking down
  • prevent teargas grenade from rolling around unrealistically
  • fixed a couple issues on Mall
  • adjusted the voting hud
  • some fixes for team-only votes
  • when purchasing an equippable item from the shop, you are notified and asked if you'd like to equip it
  • some minor localization fixes
  • added monaco achievement
  • don't hurt teammates with cars unless friendly fire is on

Thanks for your continued Enjoyment! See you in game!
Tactical Intervention > News > Topic Details