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omega  [developer] Apr 14, 2014 @ 5:44am
Happy Anniversary, We're Back! ( 04/14/2014)
Welcome to the "1st Anniversary" Update for Tactical Intervention. It's been a bumpy ride over the past few weeks with some unexpected turns, a few tires blew out and countless mugs of coffee consumed during late night playtests but we've finally reached our destination and now present the next chapter of Tactical Intervention to you!

Before we get to all the new updates we wish to thank the community who have followed and supported the game over the last year, especially those who transitioned from OGP to our new home here on Steam. A big thank you as well to all of those who provided feedback and input that contributed towards this update's content as well as the army of play testers we got to work with. The testing and community feedback was a great asset, without which you probably wouldn't have seen this post made for another few weeks.

The good news is that with the great support and unfortunate delays it allowed for even more improvements to be made while crucial issues were being sorted out. We're now at a point we believe everything is solid enough for release, so without further ado, let's get to it!

It has been given a bit of an overhaul, and adds the ability to customize for the following:
  • CUSTOMIZE most non-unique Weapons! Select appearance and add-ons of your permanently owned base weapons!
NOTE: New Addons and Skins will be added weekly

Included in this Update:

  • Silencer
  • Flashlight
  • House Of Cards
  • Silencer
  • Flashlight
  • Red-Dot
  • Holo-Sight
  • ACOG
  • Woodland Camo
  • Silencer
  • Flashlight
  • Red-Dot
  • Holo-Sight
  • ACOG
  • Jungle Camo



NOTE: New weapons are continued as Cash Exclusive for the first 2 weeks after which they will also be available for Gamepoints.

    +90% Melee Damage, +20% Use Speed +1% Hostage Wave

In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of Tactical Interventions initial public launch 2 new DLC packages will be made available for purchase in the coming weeks. These packages come in a CT and Terrorist variety containing a full collection of unique character outfits for that team, some exclusive weapon skins and some fun equipment items.

The original DLC package offerings will be returning to the shops at new reduced prices as well as with an extra limited time relaunching sale discount.

Be on the look out for more information, in the coming days, about both new and relaunch DLC packs.

Monaco is a new VIP Escape (VIP Is human controlled, like Castalla) driving scenario.


layout tweaked for flow and cover plus major visual overhaul

votes can be cast (by pressing escape and using the menu) For the following:
  • Team Re-Balance; The current criteria is balancing teams both by player count, and stacking of "new" (low level) and "veteran" players
    Match Restarting; Votes can be cast to restart matches fresh. Non-Tournament servers however, will only do voting in Mission mode, and Only when less than 4 rounds have been played.
  • Toggling All-Talk; All-Talk removes team restrictions of voice chat, so everyone regardless of team can hear each-other
  • Kicking; Vote kicking can be accessed from the player info panel
Default keys for voting are: [F7] Yes, [F8] No.

A number of radio commands can now be issued via a Radial menu.
Default Bind is [Z]

While alive (or dead and observing) you now have the ability to request a team change. It will be accepted if it won't unbalance the game. In TDM you will re-spawn immediately, in Mission you will suicide and swap team immediately (with no penalty) but you must wait until the next round.
Default bind is [F4]

The first part of the new Music system is now in place, with the UI and Loading. More will follow.

Sniper rifles are no-longer Equipment. They are now primary weapons, If you choose one, you will NOT have a different primary rifle as well. The Queue System has been removed for Snipers.

You can now customize your fallback equipment for Queued/Round Robin equipment (Currently, now that Sniper Rifles no longer use this system, Only Dogs participate in this)

A number of new visual effects and improvements have been added

REMEMBER: Check your Key binds to make sure the new features are useable!

  • updates to [TDM] Construction
  • updates to [TDM] Terminal
  • updated to [TDM] Office
  • updated to [TDM] Flash Metro
  • updates to [MISSION] Skyrise
  • updates to [MISSION] Airport
  • updates to [MISSION] Flash Metro
  • updates to [MISSION] Highway
  • voice status panel (shows who is speaking with microphone) now shows up on-top of the game-panel
  • Pet Perks are now selectable in Inventory again
  • fixed all third person (other players) muzzle-flashes to now actually show up
  • fixed the Super-V third person magazine, no longer does it float between the players legs.
  • you can now die in TDM before the live match starts if you spawn while waiting for people to finish loading
  • reduced first person muzzle-flash sizes a bit
  • the room game state label now clearly shows if the game is in the final round
  • pressing ready while in intermission is ignored, to not be confusing
  • The out of Zone penalty in Hostage Rescue is back again, however in a much more reduced Capacity. Defend Zones are now visible on both the planning panel AND the mini-map. Boundaries are now always known. Time before you start being shot at is increased, and damage is reduced. Time is also shown.
  • Items are now displayed in Rack, Shop, Inventory with a Quality based Colour system. Unique: Purple, Customizable: Orange, Default: Blue, Common: Grey
  • fixed not being able to bash immediately after emptying your magazine (or running out of ammo)
  • fixed a long-standing bug with recoil not functioning properly
  • removed the delay on bashing because of inconsistencies with ping
  • fixed the planning panel rendering of Map and Objectives, including CT Squad B spawn not using the correct location, and displays additional information, hovering over squad buttons in hostage rescue will highlight the plan on the preview
  • Terrorists now also have access to the GPS in VIP Car Maps
  • when items are requisitioned in mission mode, you are now notified
  • load-out screen now remembers the choice to have details (attributes) visible
  • made ammobags collide with player clips so they don't get stuck in weird places
  • fix explosions so a table leg does not protect you
  • beefed up flashbangs and made them actually effective
  • made grenades bounce more reliably to line up throws
  • added the ability for room owners to ban armour in TDM
  • fixed lastinv command, and added it to the key options
  • made some improvements to cars to keep them from driving up walls
  • CTs no longer win if they drive away from the drop off point after reaching the car goal
  • fixed bug with passworded rooms
  • total ammo count now shown on hud instead of reload counts
  • fixed the bug that allowed a defuse be successful after the defuser is killed
  • fixed the bug causing cars to spawn in the center of the map at the beginning of a round in some instances
  • Networking has taken a substantial optimization, reducing the amount of traffic, Still more to come though.
  • Don't swap to new grenade unless it's better than the one you have active already on requisition / kill streak
  • A number of other minor fixes, tweaks, and balance issues have also been addressed


This is the single largest updates to the game since it's release and the development team would like to thank the community for it's involvement which drove much of the content in the update. We hope you enjoy the new changes and additions & thank you for your patience and continued support! We hope you enjoy Tactical Interventions first public anniversary (especially those from the OGP Community who stayed with us through the transition to Steam) and we will see you in game!!
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