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Darksiders- Starting A New Game File w/ Abyssal Armour
tekijältä Mr Lau. ©
I'm having this guide made to cure the troubles of having gamers out there trying to start a new game file with AA equipped on. I had this problem as well but it's all solved and it all works so it should work for you as well. It's not too hard to fix ...
Darksiders 1 - Magyarul - Leírás, Ládák, Ereklyék
tekijältä Atlaimond [HUN]
Egy általános leírás, hogy egy ne mindenről magadtól kelljen rájönnöd a „Darksiders” első részében....
Расположение камней жизни, ярости, осколков брони и артефактов
tekijältä cpt_Bober
Более подробное описание расположения предметов, и того, как туда добраться. На видео может быть что-то непонятно, поэтому руководство текс...
Подробное прохождение (с картами)
tekijältä Rylet
Подробное прохождение с сундуками, артефактами, осколками, секретами, и тактикой убийства боссов. Прохождение с сайта [url=
Достижения Darksiders
tekijältä 6o6er_BuTaJIuu
Ни одного гусского руководства по достижениям Darksiders. Однако ачивки есть и весьма непростые. Поехали...
How To get Battle Hardened
tekijältä Soul
Short guide how to leveling the weapons to get the achievment battle hardened. Since the leveling based on the hit count the best place to do this is the iron canopy. If you follow my guide you get an easy respawn point for them and a hit count around ~70...
DarkSiders - All In One Collectibles
tekijältä Plasma SKX
In These 4 videos you will get Lifeshards + Cores, Wrath shards + Cores, Artifact Solder's, Artifact Champion's, Artifact Overlord, Abyssal armor piece's and you will get a few achievements on the way. Also you will get these in order when you find them...
Darksiders- Grabbing the BFA Achievement.
tekijältä Mr Lau. ©
Alright, welcome all Darksiders players. I am making this guide to help all players to gain 100% in achievement status. The BFA Achievement is awarded if you have unlocked the other 42 achievements as there are 43 Achievements in Total for Darksiders....
Darksiders Abyssal Armour- Locations & Steps
tekijältä Mr Lau. ©
Well, I forgot to make a guide about collecting the most wanted equipment in the game, The Abyssal Armour! This was also requested so I'll make it for the both reasons. Of course, steps, and locations of the pieces needed to forge it all together as...
Secret Mini Boss
tekijältä spyindian47
How to encounter the secret mini boss, location and when you can fight him....