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暗黑血统 成就指南
by +7
Fix for not supported resolution (download)
by massacote
Change your resolution in game to one that's not on options menu....
by aubergine
Расположение всех осколков Брони из Бездны
by HBTevich
Описание мест где расположены осколки брони бездны...
Получение Брони Бездны для новой игры
by delllacrua
В игре есть очень коварный баг - после получения Брони Бездны и выхода из игры сбрасывается опция старта новой игры с уже собраной броней....
Подробное прохождение (с картами)
by Rylet
Подробное прохождение с сундуками, артефактами, осколками, секретами, и тактикой убийства боссов. Прохождение с сайта [url=
by Sheezus(习祖师)
Darksiders Neues Spiel +
by eXplonator
Leider hat das Spiel einen Bug, nämlich nach dem man die Abgrundrüstung komplett gefunden und das Spiel beendet hat. Gibt es die Möglichkeit ein neues Spiel mit der Rüstung zu starten. Das funktioniert jedoch nicht wirklich. Nach langen Recherchen im ...
Way to F*ck SAMAEL
by DonboƦleone
SAMAEL IS annoying piece of ♥♥♥♥...
Русификатор текста Darksiders
by AspireInspire
1. Установить/распаковать в папку с игрой. 2. Русификатор от компании Бука. 3. Плохо зарабатываются достижения, связано с багами самой игры. ...
Расположение камней жизни, ярости, осколков брони и артефактов
by cpt_Bober
Более подробное описание расположения предметов, и того, как туда добраться. На видео может быть что-то непонятно, поэтому руководство текс...
Достижения Darksiders
by 6o6er_BuTaJIuu
Ни одного гусского руководства по достижениям Darksiders. Однако ачивки есть и весьма непростые. Поехали...
Using a non xbox controller
by [FG] Hannes
Hello world! when i played darksiders with a non xbox controller the buttons were mapped wrongly, It took a bit of googling and trying out before I fixed it so I want to save you some trouble....
How to fix half black screen during cutscenes
by Pepo
How to fix Half Black Screen Error...
How To get Battle Hardened
by Soul
Short guide how to leveling the weapons to get the achievment battle hardened. Since the leveling based on the hit count the best place to do this is the iron canopy. If you follow my guide you get an easy respawn point for them and a hit count around ~70...
Black Screen on Startup
by Нубмастер
If after launching Darksiders you are able to watch the first two videos (the one with THQ logo and Vigil Games) or you don't see any video, and then the screen goes to black, then this is the guide for you! ...
Darksiders 1 - Magyarul - Leírás, Ládák, Ereklyék
by Atlaimond [HUN]
Egy általános leírás, hogy egy ne mindenről magadtól kelljen rájönnöd a „Darksiders” első részében....
Darksiders detonado PT-BR
by Radnas
Detonado de darksiders comentando pelo youtuber Radnas do canal madrugatina ajogatina da madrugada, os vídeos são cheios de humor e sarcasmo, é uma maneira bem simples de aprender a jogar o game e se divertir aprendendo....
Error de inicio después de mostrar los logos iniciales
by DarkSiteX
Describe como solucionar este problema....
Darksiders - Essential Tweaks
by Tastelezz
Essential tweaks I applied to the game on a Windows 7 64-bit, Intel i5, NVidia GeForce based PC to improve my gaming experience....
Easy find the missing Chest, Artifact or Enchantment
by Atlaimond [HUN]
If you not find one or more Chest, Artifact or Enchantment, then you need this guide where you'll can easy get know (with two click) to where your specific missing item or items....
Darksiders- Grabbing the BFA Achievement.
by Mr Lau.
Alright, welcome all Darksiders players. I am making this guide to help all players to gain 100% in achievement status. The BFA Achievement is awarded if you have unlocked the other 42 achievements as there are 43 Achievements in Total for Darksiders....
Darksiders : Wrath of War [Story]
by Azraeil
Here you have videos of the story of Darksiders. It was made so people can enjoy some scenes from the game in case they can't watch them because of the lag or just want to see them. Playlist :
DarkSiders - All In One Collectibles
by Plasma SKX
In These 4 videos you will get Lifeshards + Cores, Wrath shards + Cores, Artifact Solder's, Artifact Champion's, Artifact Overlord, Abyssal armor piece's and you will get a few achievements on the way. Also you will get these in order when you find them...
Newbie's Starter Guide to Darksiders
by Rogue_L_
Just got Darksiders? Want a few hints as to what to do, and expect? A heads up guide to the game without giving too much away? Here's what you want!...
Dark rider achievement guide: Lazy edition
by Sherman Arstal
The Dark rider is a secret achievement which consists in taking a 100 miles trip with your buddy Ruin. Now if you check and double check your stats you may think: Holy cow, this is gonna take for ever!. But fear not, because here I'll try to show you how ...
Darksiders- Starting A New Game File w/ Abyssal Armour
by Mr Lau.
I'm having this guide made to cure the troubles of having gamers out there trying to start a new game file with AA equipped on. I had this problem as well but it's all solved and it all works so it should work for you as well. It's not too hard to fix ...
Secret Mini Boss
by spyindian47
How to encounter the secret mini boss, location and when you can fight him....
by Merge
Прохождение игры. Оригинал создан пользователем Kopec ....
Twilight Cathedral's secret chest
by BehelitOutlaw
What you need to do in order to make the chest apear is light up every torch on the walls. You start hitting one with flames and hit the next one with it....
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