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JCat May 17 @ 12:42pm
When Near & Climb Questions
Just wondering if there is a way to set the proximity of the When Near command? I noticed whatever I'm setting off, activates a bit too sooner than I'd like. Also, about the Climb option - does that work for climbing down something? Like if you had let's say.. a ladder? Thanks!
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Jinx May 17 @ 12:58pm 
No dice, unfortunately. "When Neared" triggers like 5 feet from the thing.
You could try "When Walked Onto", depending on your needs. I've found "When Walked Onto" can also trigger a couple of feet out.

For the "Climbable" checkbox, it makes that whole Thing (all parts in it) able to be teleported onto from any side, instead of being able to teleport (walk) onto its horizontal and <60° sides.

A good example of the Climbable attribute is in Choate's Area named [The Future] -- the structure to the left of the rocket on the opposite side of the moon from where you zone in has the words "Climb me" (I think) and that whole thing you can climb by teleporting onto all of the surfaces.
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Philipp  [developer] May 17 @ 10:29pm 
We've made a note now to look into feeding "when neared" with a parameter or similar, and thanks! And nice meeting you in-world!
JCat May 18 @ 12:20am 
Thanks, Jinx. I'll check out Choate's area for sure. I made an invisible box, and put it in front of an object I wanted animated. Then, I added "when walked on to", to tell the listening object to animate. It worked, but as you mentioned, it still triggered a bit too early. If you put the trigger cube further way, then it keeps triggering as you take each step closer.

As for the climb option - I can't get it to climb down a ladder I've made. I can teleport in upward clicks as if climbing, but if I am on a floor, looking down a the ladder (as if going into a cellar), the teleporting is ignored by the ladder.

@Philliip - yeah, nice meeting you too and glad you might be able to do something about the proximity thing.

By the way, sorry for this long winded post. How do you have a script run just once? For example. you have a door that opens, then closes after a few secs. Now, while inside, you can still stick your hand through the door and touch the knob from inside, thus reactivating it again. I managed to get a sound trigger to play just once by sending the script to a blank state after the sound is complete, but the door goes to state 1 which starts the script over again when the knob is pressed (using tell/told).

And finally..being in VR, I don't have my second screen to use as a reference when designing an object. Is there a way to bring in an jpg/png?

Thanks, guys/gals! Hope to meet more of you.
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Philipp  [developer] May 18 @ 1:23am 
> And finally..being in VR, I don't have my second screen to
> use as a reference when designing an object. Is there a
> way to bring in an jpg/png?

Yes! First, while still on desktop, ctrl+c copy any image URL, like

This can even be a local image on your drive, use this format (it won't ever be uploaded to Anyland, it will just remain as local reference):


Then, when creating and having the main creation dialog, and while on desktop the Anyland window is shown in focus, hit ctrl+v. It should now add the image to the creation dialog for reference.

Alternatively, you can also ctrl+v from your uploaded Steam screenshots or artworks, while editing a cube shape and having the thing part context dialog open during creating. It will paste the image as a texture of sorts onto the cube and you could now save it for reference.
Philipp  [developer] May 18 @ 1:40am 
JCat, as a follow up on decreasing the distance for "when neared", can you please try the "when walked into" command and see if that works out for your case? It's pretty much exactly the same, except it reacts on something like 2m from your head instead of the 3m of when neared.

(On that note, there's also "when someone in vicinity", which has a 7.5m radius.)
Jinx May 18 @ 5:12am 
One thing I do when I make ladders (which are of course set as Climbable) is to make an invisible rectangle piece cover the entire thing (and it's part of the ladder Thing). That way when going up or down a player doesn't have to aim the teleport ball directly on any small rung: the whole Thing becomes easily traverse-able.

(Also my tip when making stairs is to angle an invisible rectangle piece, the length of the staircase, overlaid on the stairs to make a smooth walking ramp. That suits teleport locomotion well, IMHO. You can see this in the foyer of Jinx Mansion -- I think if you go to your ME menu and turn on See Invisible you can then see the ramp over the stairs.)
JCat May 18 @ 3:27pm 
Great tips, from a master! Thanks, Jinx. @ Phillip - I did used the 'When Waked into" command, but it gave the same results. It triggered what felt like 5-7 feet away from approaching it. Basically, When Walked Into seems to be acting like When Near. Would be great if your torso sphere would have to be directly over the when walked on object. Oh, thanks for the importing tip. I managed to get my reference shot inside which is super helpful.

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Philipp  [developer] May 18 @ 11:12pm 
We gotta have another look at those and see what we could add, thanks JCat!
Choates May 19 @ 9:55am 
Just as a reminder Philipp, we would love to have actual grip/climbing in game. If we could climb with our hands rather than teleportation it would open a lot of possibilities.
JCat May 19 @ 11:07am 
Choates -- Went to The Future yesterday. Talk about a AAA attraction! You guys are incredible.
Jinx May 19 @ 11:37am 
The Future is one of my favorite places in all of Anyland! You can tell I'm a fan because I have a teleport text button on my avatar (it's like the equivalent of a tattoo, hehe!).
Choates May 19 @ 3:28pm 
Thank you guys! If people work a little bit every day on one world, six months later they are shocked what a nice place they have. Just ask Jinx. Now if I could only do that in RL..... Nice thing about Anyland of course is the sheer variety of cool stuff. So many talented people.
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