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Theon Greyjoy 2012年10月13日 10時06分
Looking for players for my server
My friend and I are looking for somebody to play with on my "Romero mode" server, basically what this is, is we've removed special infected and tanks, (except for the finale.) made the zombies slow, and die from headshots only, we'd prefer that you have quite a bit of experience with the game, but, we can help you out if need be.
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Seriena 2012年10月13日 10時29分 
How much experience are you looking for?
Dobuch 2012年10月13日 13時24分 
that's sound intresting, maybe some details[e.g when]. If u can write to me PM, this forum is rather uncomortable place.
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Lynn 2012年10月13日 14時17分 
I'm interested. Normally I play versus (And im kinda the shiet.) So I've got experience :) pm meee.
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B-elanna 2012年10月14日 10時50分 
ok im intreseted too
Theon Greyjoy 2012年10月18日 13時40分 
I'm looking for two people, I'll FR you guys, and shoot you an invite some time, good luck to you all, if you don't make it on MY team I can still tell you how to do this kind of server, and you can find your own group.
Theon Greyjoy 2012年10月18日 13時43分 
I'm currently sharing an account, my ingame name is always Leon, so if it doesn't show up as that, it isn't me.
BassAutonima 2012年10月19日 8時52分 
I'm very interested as well PM me
BenjiiiF 2012年10月25日 11時43分 
I'll play!
[Yum] James "Sonny" Crockett 2012年12月30日 19時44分 
Feel free to send a request, I'm always happy to play
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