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P8BALLR_Stoked83 24. syys, 2012 22.06
anyone else tired of getting kicked for no reason? i've been playing for almost 3 years now, i definitely don't suck, and for whatever reason, pretentious ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s still kick you if you're not the perfect player or make a single mistake. seriously takes the fun outta the game.

like its my fault a tank showed up the millisecond i open the door? ready up faster, ♥♥♥♥tards.
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Liechtenstein Hörnchen 25. syys, 2012 1.26 
Probably "pubstars"
Bindal 25. syys, 2012 2.02 
If you run out without making sure everyone is ready, it is your fault.
Totally justified, that kick.
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P8BALLR_Stoked83 25. syys, 2012 6.54 
bull ♥♥♥♥, having proved i was a valuable player for like a dozen rounds, they could have just said "dont ♥♥♥♥ ing do that again" sparing me the kick after all i did was leave early because they were standing around instead of getting their stuff.
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P8BALLR_Stoked83 25. syys, 2012 7.01 
also the less time u give spec infected players to prepare, the more careless they are in their opening attacks.
Bindal 25. syys, 2012 8.01 
UndeadKnight lähetti viestin:
bull ♥♥♥♥, having proved i was a valuable player for like a dozen rounds, they could have just said "dont ♥♥♥♥ ing do that again" sparing me the kick after all i did was leave early because they were standing around instead of getting their stuff.
You prove yourself only valuabe when you actually work with your team - you obviously didn't. Hence, a justified kick. Wouldn't have done it any different myself.
And no, if common sense already tells you to not do it, then they don't need to do that.
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P8BALLR_Stoked83 25. syys, 2012 10.25 
whatever, they lost a good player, i hope they lost that round oh wait they did.
Bindal 25. syys, 2012 10.31 
Doubt that they lost a "good player" but an "egoistic player, who doesn't give a damn about the team and is more of a use when not in the game"
P8BALLR_Stoked83 25. syys, 2012 10.38 
it was no different a door opening than every game for the last hour and a half i was in the room, and nobody had a problem with it. we were a ♥♥♥♥ing dream team, and everyone was joking around and totally friendly. then one player from the other team switches sides and wouldn't ya know it, a tank shows up so he gets butt hurt about it and blames me because i was used to everyone getting ready quicker. i'm not egotistic, i help team members wherever possible, and i dont act like a ♥♥♥♥. if you ask me, kicking someone at the drop of a hat is egotistical.
P8BALLR_Stoked83 25. syys, 2012 10.40 
people just need to chill the ♥♥♥♥ out and stop abusing the kick option, which i think calling a vote should be reserved for admins anyway.
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Bindal 25. syys, 2012 11.28 
If you acted in the game like you act here... I don't think they lost anything of value by kicking you, might even improved the overall teamplay more.
As said: If you just open the door without making sure that everyone is ready, it is 100% your fault if things go down-hill due that.
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dynamite3000 25. syys, 2012 17.52 
In defense of undeadknight, as a fellow player of l4d. What he\she said is true players can and will kick you for the dumbest reasons, even after you prove your worth. this has happeded to me on versus and campiagn. on expert in campaign mode playing no mercy one player runs in front of me when i'm pumping rounds into a tank with a auto-shotgun. I incap him and the tank kills him everyone ignored the fact that he ran in front of me so who got kicked, me.

And this happened again on versus even after i survived when everyone else was dead and made it to the saferoom gettiing my team points. When we changed to infected the place i was at reset there internet and the game stoped for a minute. something that wasn't my fault.
When the game came back i had messed my part on the plan that we made.I didn't even get chance to explain what happended before i was called a noob and kicked.
So players do abuse the vote kick. and i've been playin two years
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KevSham 28. syys, 2012 18.09 
It maybe time to test your might in Survival.

·мк· Kano 1. loka, 2012 22.30 
its probably because they're kicking you for a friend
i hate getting kicked if played for 2 years and kick kick kick kick its so dumb i agree with EVERYTHING that undeadknight said.
HK-47 9. loka, 2012 10.34 
Deserved kick is deserved.

Do not start tank until everyone is ready. If you didn't hear it, it's your fault, pay more attention next time. Yesterday I was playing campaign and for every witch we encountered I warned people in advance as soon as I heard it, and every single time someone shot her by accident and died with an excuse "I didn't see it". I don't care if you didn't see it. I don't care if you died. What I care is what happens with a team afterwards -- usually all of us end up wasting energy, ammo, and time to deal with a horde which could have been easily avoided by simply coming up close after clearing zombies and crowning the witch or walking around.

You need to understand that some people playing L4D and L4D2 have very limited free time (they work, have family, etc). Within that time, they want to play a normal game and finish it, not keep losing or repeating a chapter in campaign because someone with too much time on their hands and a short attention span needs babysitting and reminding what not to do when playing with other people. With such players, playing Rambo and not listening to teammates will get you kicked, not because they hate you but because you are wasting their time.
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