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alexandrite¹ 2012. szept. 2. @ de. 7:35
Here explain why l4d2 is better than l4d
The zombies look prettier.
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Stark 2012. szept. 2. @ du. 1:33 
The broken animations, the missed dialogue, the dumb overpowered melee weapons, the scary design of spitter and jockey, the downgraded witch, the static wallkick of hunter, the overpowered survivors in versus, lammer defibrillator....

Yes, l4d2 seems to be better...
Harold Christ 2012. szept. 2. @ du. 9:24 
Ummm, its not...
[FR] Spirit of Nicopol 2012. szept. 3. @ de. 4:37 
L4D2 loading is way longer than L4D...
Grunty Bodge Hog 2012. szept. 3. @ de. 8:43 
I think a lot of people, like me, just really like the characters and the setting.
διάβολις 2012. szept. 4. @ de. 2:26 
Characters are way better. Rochelle is the best l4d1/14d2 character by far.
alkaline 2012. szept. 4. @ de. 2:34 
both suck
SVEN 2012. szept. 4. @ du. 12:38 
totally not...
MortalMaverick 2012. szept. 4. @ du. 3:54 
I like the tank in the first one
cmfrip 2012. szept. 4. @ du. 3:59 
common - the waepons they give u sooo much more choice, they have done a great job of extending the arsenal in ALL directions. i.e. b4 u used to have bat a and usual melee, now you get chainsaw?? Playing l4d one nowadyas feels a lot more 'straight forawrd I think because of that. Oh and above, the extra - and worth wihie Z's and and.... Versus! Thats great provided the community of whinos and biggots dont ruin it! I did like L4d better than one. Dont get me worng L4D is great though. yea I agree with 'most of what Arual says also
B-Rye 2012. szept. 4. @ du. 5:57 
I think most people would agree that Left 4 Dead 2 would be better if they got rid of the jockey and spitter, the charger is acceptable.
RainingMetal 2012. szept. 4. @ du. 6:38 
I'm pretty sure Arual's being sarcastic. I hope so.
SackPatrol 2012. szept. 4. @ du. 9:12 
topic of this thread makes no sense.
- SuPreme 2012. szept. 6. @ de. 7:37 
L4D is defintly the better of the 2
Elias 2012. szept. 6. @ de. 8:22 
LFD1 characters all around looked better. I also liked how you could look down and see your body.
alexandrite¹ 2012. szept. 6. @ de. 8:56 
You dont get it,
I said exlain why L4D2 is better...not why you think it is not...
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