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Nullum Amicum 2013年2月15日 22時02分
Can anyone back me up i own this game for the xbox (both) and heres something to add why are we patching all the glitches i mean they mean no harm like the airwalk glitch its not gonna help us beat a campaign is it?I've got no problem but I never got to do the cool things like air walk.
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Ħɥɲʞ 2013年2月16日 8時33分 
What is air walk? Never seen anyone walking in the air except on that invivible platform in the Blood Harvest finale.
Nullum Amicum 2013年2月16日 9時37分 
no for l4d2 the pipe bomb glitch where you switch wepons really fast
Nullum Amicum 2013年2月19日 5時14分 
Ħɥɲʞ 2013年2月19日 10時05分 
Oh I thought you were referring to L4D1.

Not to sound like a jerk, but why do people keep posting *L4D2 Only* stuff in the L4D1 forum? L4D2 has it's own forum.
Nullum Amicum 2013年2月19日 20時59分 
Idk i can't find a L4d2 forum
Ħɥɲʞ 2013年2月20日 11時39分 
Here's the L4D2 forum


Although lots of people are complaning right now about the game being bugged as hell.
Nullum Amicum 2013年2月23日 10時02分 
XD Ok how about i do Only L4D1 Glitches i Love The Game As Hell XD Bugged As Hell LOL LOL LOL
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