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SHADY VS EVERYBODY 2013年2月8日下午6:51
L4D Fails
When Loading Game likes to Quit itself out I have now deleted files and reinstalled still hasnt changed the problem
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Rageman.B.MedicMain 2013年2月8日下午8:19 
Mine is also doing the same
Marcus101RR 2013年2月9日上午7:10 
System specs? Video Settings?
ThatDeafDumbandBlindKidd 2013年2月11日下午9:38 
You said that it fails. Where, when and how does it fail. Plese give us a little more to analyze. As for the video question. I You have your resolution set to one that the game does not like it will fail. some to the video resolution options the a game lists on it's options menu may cause it to fail. My L4D2 game will run at 1080x1920 but the higest L4d resolution is around 1700 x ???? and when I set it to that res it fails. So I use 1280x960 without a problem
正在显示第 1 - 3 条,共 3 条留言
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