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keel2389 2013年2月4日下午3:05
Downloading Left 4 Dead looking for people to play with
Just seeing if there's anyone willing to play with a newcomer to the game. I've been waiting for the price to drop and I just couldn't resist both games for $30. Anyone willing to play with me or any tips will be greatly appreciated.
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The Sightless Scopesman 2013年2月5日上午8:17 
Here is a tip. If you can, use a microphone. You can coordinate with your teammates better. If you plus one other person in the game has a microphone, the game is also at least twice as fun.
Jimikazi 2013年2月5日下午10:53 
add me on steam ill play i got mic too
4sng_Respawnz 2013年2月6日下午3:59 
A measly 400+ hours under my belt for L4D & L4D2, feel free to add me, and don't hesitate to join a game I'm in, or even invite me to one you are hosting.
reptile7231 2013年2月7日下午5:24 
add me on steam i got a mic too
Stoop Kid 2013年2月8日下午1:11 
add me on steam ill play with you but i dont use my mic that much but i got the bundle too and got both l4d1 and l4d2
shady24 2013年2月8日下午2:35 
i play sometimes add me as a friend i will play when u want :D
Cloud Knight 2013年2月8日下午8:29 
add me as a friend i just got so il deff be intresting in playing
Danpez890 2013年2月10日下午1:31 
I've just started playing and need some friends to play with :-) . add me please
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