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RainingMetal Jan 18, 2013 @ 10:27am
L4D1 Lives! No locking will halt the cause!
Apparently the last topic was locked for some reason (conspiracy?). Nonetheless, our group won't be buried beneath those who wish to kill off L4D1's base.

Join the group here! Prove to the hostile community that Left 4 Dead 1 still has an active fanbase! Don't give into peer pressure and boycott the Left 4 Dead 1 on Left 4 Dead 2 ports!

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RainingMetal Mar 8 @ 8:24pm 
We're still alive and kicking. Join if you haven't already if you still like playing the original Left 4 Dead!
[ELN] ~ dreamxoli Mar 8 @ 9:08pm 
say the guy with 330h on l4d1 and +1000h on l4d2
RainingMetal Mar 9 @ 6:29am 
Yeah. What if I told you that those hours on L4D2 were never spent on the ports? Ever?
[ELN] ~ dreamxoli Mar 9 @ 7:04am 
L4D2 port =/= L4D1
RainingMetal Mar 9 @ 7:45am 
Exactly. Which means if I wanted to play Campaigns such as No Mercy, or play as Bill, Louis, etc, I'd play L4D1. Don't let my statistics discourage you.
ardaatik1 Mar 13 @ 11:18am 
when we play?
RainingMetal Apr 7 @ 7:47am 
Bump. Looks like we've got more haters on the board. Time to unite!
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