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NapalmGandalf 12 jan 2013 om 12:10nm
Player Lion constantly Teamkilling
The named player is constantly joining servers to teamkill everybody and trying to vote for something.
I recently met people on a server who said that he'd be doing this for about a month or so.
please if any admin or valve personnel reads this do something about it.
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Bindal 12 jan 2013 om 12:15nm 
They can't because he isn't doing something against the rules.
Dr Chaos MK 12 jan 2013 om 1:23nm 
Yea he is griefing / trolling hard by the sounds of it Napalm. The best you could do is:

1) Report user misconduct on his Steam profile & send a complaint that way.

2) Record his Steam ID for yourself. This is done by typing " status " in console while in a online game. Even if he changes his gamer tag, that ID is unique & will always identify them.

3) If there are other players in the current game, warn them before he connects into the game. Then vote kick him out. This usually works for me. But not all the time since randoms don't fully understand the vote sometimes.
Bindal 12 jan 2013 om 2:53nm 
More effective way is to just ban him from your own server and play only there (if you got one). Otherwise, remember: "Offense is best defense" - if you see that he joins, kill him first. Best would be just to incap him and let him bleed out. In a lot of cases, griefers leave right away and try to find another game. In that case, you can easily revive the bot and patch it up again.
Marcus101RR 12 jan 2013 om 5:04nm 
I had him come here many times. Here is public information about the guy:

STEAM_1:1:27489410 - - Lion - Hacking, Trolling, Illegal Activities, Spamming, Pedophilia
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