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Saeko xGaming 2012년 12월 31일 오후 5시 30분
Need Mercenaries with mics!
I need players (Mercenaries) as i like to call them to play sum l4d1 with me... I only want ppl with mics since Communication is key to Left 4 dead. Also no offense, but no kids with high pitch voices...

-Please do not ask for Product Codes for this Game...
-Please do not ask for trading of games... Go somewhere else!
-Please follow the 1st and 2nd notice.
-Even Follow the 3rd, even though it says follow the 1st and 2nd so just follow them all in GENERAL THANK U!
Saeko xGaming님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 1월 8일 오후 4시 48분
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The Swim Well Pupper 2012년 12월 31일 오후 7시 40분 
I have a mic, and I just got the game from the Holiday sale so I guess I'm still a newb, but I'll play nonetheless
Ħɥɲʞ 2013년 1월 1일 오전 9시 32분 
The topic title reminds me of Resident Evil 3 :p

I have a mic and play this game a lot, so if you still looking for people you can add me :)
Nuke Dukem 2013년 1월 1일 오후 12시 25분 
I have mic and I need training but I learn fast :D Add me!
Saeko xGaming 2013년 1월 1일 오후 1시 21분 
Ok Dumb Ways to Die i can add u but your my last friend ill add for the Merc. L4d thing!
The Swim Well Pupper 2013년 1월 1일 오후 6시 31분 
Hey Dumb ways to Die I'll add you too because I need people that are just as newby me
GamGam 2013년 1월 3일 오전 12시 06분 
Yo I got a mic add me, lets play! :)
Musky Senior Pendejo` 2013년 1월 5일 오전 9시 04분 
im new i just bought l4d1 and 2 soooo ya i am a quick learner sooo i have a mic so newbs add me or whatev i just started a week ago
Marcus101RR 2013년 1월 6일 오후 10시 37분 
I'll take you on that. Add me. Marcus101RRx
Acey 2013년 1월 7일 오후 8시 12분 
add me, i'm game for chatting.
T O X I C 2013년 1월 8일 오후 2시 58분 
I have a Mic just add me when your ready
nhavy 2013년 1월 8일 오후 3시 16분 
i have a mic and i just bought the game
it's downloading right now, so i would love it to find some people with mics, that i can play with=D
The Sightless Scopesman 2013년 1월 14일 오전 6시 22분 
I have a microphone, and I don't think there are enough players who do. Add me if you want.
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