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⁢⁢Saeko xGaming 2012年12月31日 17時30分
Need Mercenaries with mics!
I need players (Mercenaries) as i like to call them to play sum l4d1 with me... I only want ppl with mics since Communication is key to Left 4 dead. Also no offense, but no kids with high pitch voices...

-Please do not ask for Product Codes for this Game...
-Please do not ask for trading of games... Go somewhere else!
-Please follow the 1st and 2nd notice.
-Even Follow the 3rd, even though it says follow the 1st and 2nd so just follow them all in GENERAL THANK U!
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The Sleep Tight Pupper 2012年12月31日 19時40分 
I have a mic, and I just got the game from the Holiday sale so I guess I'm still a newb, but I'll play nonetheless
Ħɥɲʞ 2013年1月1日 9時32分 
The topic title reminds me of Resident Evil 3 :p

I have a mic and play this game a lot, so if you still looking for people you can add me :)
Nuke Dukem 2013年1月1日 12時25分 
I have mic and I need training but I learn fast :D Add me!
⁢⁢Saeko xGaming 2013年1月1日 13時21分 
Ok Dumb Ways to Die i can add u but your my last friend ill add for the Merc. L4d thing!
The Sleep Tight Pupper 2013年1月1日 18時31分 
Hey Dumb ways to Die I'll add you too because I need people that are just as newby me
GamGam 2013年1月3日 0時06分 
Yo I got a mic add me, lets play! :)
Musky Senior Pendejo` 2013年1月5日 9時04分 
im new i just bought l4d1 and 2 soooo ya i am a quick learner sooo i have a mic so newbs add me or whatev i just started a week ago
Marcus101RR 2013年1月6日 22時37分 
I'll take you on that. Add me. Marcus101RRx
Acey 2013年1月7日 20時12分 
add me, i'm game for chatting.
T O X I C 2013年1月8日 14時58分 
I have a Mic just add me when your ready
nhavy 2013年1月8日 15時16分 
i have a mic and i just bought the game
it's downloading right now, so i would love it to find some people with mics, that i can play with=D
The Sightless Scopesman 2013年1月14日 6時22分 
I have a microphone, and I don't think there are enough players who do. Add me if you want.
1-12 / 12 のコメントを表示
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