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Leeroy Jenkins 2012年12月31日上午7:22
Batman Team!
I'd like a group of four/five to play Left 4 Dead frequently with but renamed as e.g. Batman, Joker or a name of your choice, purely for fun! xD
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King Kunta 2012年12月31日下午6:47 
MAN LOVIN......PENIS OVEN! 2013年1月2日下午6:02 
Wait... Wait... Wait... DIBS ON BATMAN!!! And also I hope there's no Robin. I Don't want to young lil boy in yellow tights following me around lol.
MrPeterL 2013年1月2日下午6:10 
If anyone can trade me this game ill join, i love batman
MAN LOVIN......PENIS OVEN! 2013年1月2日下午6:12 
Wo... Wo... I thought we were gonna play as gotham city heroes and villians... not ask for trading but oh well sry man cant help u there.
MrPeterL 2013年1月2日下午6:15 
dont need to be so much of a d*ck about it
MAN LOVIN......PENIS OVEN! 2013年1月2日下午6:21 
No DCZ_x_FTW get the game but I already called BATMAN lol.
MrPeterL 2013年1月2日下午6:26 
i will get it but i thought someone might want to trade with me
MrPeterL 2013年1月2日下午6:27 
also dibs on joker
MAN LOVIN......PENIS OVEN! 2013年1月2日下午6:43 
Wait i might trade my batman name for CHUCK NORRIS!
Leeroy Jenkins 2013年1月3日下午12:28 
I made the discussion, it's not to do with trading. And Nyan, I said 'purely for fun'. I didn't know that was unapplicable reason in today's world. Just wanted to be a little creative clan-wise. =[WC]= is Batman, DCZ Joker. I'll add you both and at some point we can play together until we find more, I think I might have two in particular.
MAN LOVIN......PENIS OVEN! 2013年1月3日下午4:21 
Sweet.... Wait for it..... Wait for it... (BATCLAWS) away from the Discussion onto the next lol!
darude-sandstorm 2013年1月3日下午8:40 
my name has been like this for ages
Musky Senior Pendejo` 2013年1月4日下午7:13 
Hello!... im new here and i need some friends ..LOL! literally .........:/
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