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Lavender Town 2012年12月31日 7時22分
Batman Team!
I'd like a group of four/five to play Left 4 Dead frequently with but renamed as e.g. Batman, Joker or a name of your choice, purely for fun! xD
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Nyan Bonk 2012年12月31日 18時47分 
Saeko Busujima [毒島冴子] 2013年1月2日 18時02分 
Wait... Wait... Wait... DIBS ON BATMAN!!! And also I hope there's no Robin. I Don't want to young lil boy in yellow tights following me around lol.
MrPeterL 2013年1月2日 18時10分 
If anyone can trade me this game ill join, i love batman
Saeko Busujima [毒島冴子] 2013年1月2日 18時12分 
Wo... Wo... I thought we were gonna play as gotham city heroes and villians... not ask for trading but oh well sry man cant help u there.
MrPeterL 2013年1月2日 18時15分 
dont need to be so much of a d*ck about it
Saeko Busujima [毒島冴子] 2013年1月2日 18時21分 
No DCZ_x_FTW get the game but I already called BATMAN lol.
MrPeterL 2013年1月2日 18時26分 
i will get it but i thought someone might want to trade with me
MrPeterL 2013年1月2日 18時27分 
also dibs on joker
Saeko Busujima [毒島冴子] 2013年1月2日 18時43分 
Wait i might trade my batman name for CHUCK NORRIS!
Lavender Town 2013年1月3日 12時28分 
I made the discussion, it's not to do with trading. And Nyan, I said 'purely for fun'. I didn't know that was unapplicable reason in today's world. Just wanted to be a little creative clan-wise. =[WC]= is Batman, DCZ Joker. I'll add you both and at some point we can play together until we find more, I think I might have two in particular.
Saeko Busujima [毒島冴子] 2013年1月3日 16時21分 
Sweet.... Wait for it..... Wait for it... (BATCLAWS) away from the Discussion onto the next lol!
Rekt 2013年1月3日 20時40分 
my name has been like this for ages
ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ 2013年1月4日 19時13分 
Hello!... im new here and i need some friends ..LOL! literally .........:/
1-13 / 13 のコメントを表示
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