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www.scroguard.com 2012年12月1日 13時00分
People still play this game?
This games dead, nothing else to it. But I'd like to see what happenes with the groups that are trying to get this game going again. It'd be nice to see more players revive this classic game.
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Spirit Of Bardock 2012年12月1日 13時41分 
Well some people enjoy how easy this one is compared to the second, but this game also has its drawbacks, limited weapons and an abundance of enemies that are the same.
www.scroguard.com 2012年12月1日 14時32分 
In my opinion, L4D2 is easier than the first, but both games rely on teamwork and good communication, something not alot of people use. But I'd still like to see how l4d1 will end up.
That SpaceGuy 2012年12月1日 19時17分 
i love l4d but it does get boring like crazy but hopefully i can get it going again by telling my friends to help me
FirstToDie 2012年12月2日 1時02分 
I still enjoy a good game now and then. It does seem harder to find one however. Since a lot of players just try to speed run thru and get as many team mates killed as possible along the way.
gooksik 2012年12月2日 1時43分 
some people still play the first one, so, its not dead.
RainingMetal 2012年12月2日 8時27分 
Don't believe that the game is dead. You can make a difference.
Jomash 2012年12月2日 8時39分 
L4D1 is not quite dead....yet. It's just hardly played with its current community made up of hardcore L4D1 players with hundreds of hours with few new people playing. Most of the people new to the L4D series bought L4D2 so L4D1 isn't going to get a large influx of new players leaving only the hardcore players left to play this game.
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MsNic 2012年12月2日 23時24分 
i found it fun once I ran across ppl who really enjoyed the gaming experience as I do... far as those who rush thru it. I just leave the game lol. I luv a good zombie shooter game so it never gets boring to me. Also because i dont play it often as others.
Classless 2012年12月5日 6時37分 
I freaking love Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, I still play 1 more because my friend cant run 2 as well on his PC, but I dont think its any easier than 2, I consider 2 as 1 with more content.
Hunk 2012年12月5日 7時24分 
2 is an easier game. 1 is more challenging. And people still play this game reagardless of what anyone says. It's just that a large percent of the crowd moved to L4D2 cuz it has the maps from the first game (although poorly done IMO).

We have players on our servers that play L4D1 on a daily basis. We have tons of custom maps installed as well. And we like it better than L4D2.
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