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Spirit of Bardock 2012年11月29日 20時59分
Reasons why you need friends on Steam
For one, just a few minutes ago, i was kicked. The reason, i didn't use the boomer when they wanted me to. Know why, THEY DIDN'T ♥♥♥♥IN TELL ME. Commincations and GOOD people are needed for these games, so for the guy who kicked me off his server, i hope you learn that you can't have everything you want.
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RainingMetal 2012年12月1日 12時28分 
Friends-only servers. That's the way to go.
Spirit of Bardock 2012年12月1日 13時39分 
well my friend were away, so i decided to join a public game, and regreted it
Ħɥɲʞ 2012年12月4日 18時11分 
Some people are just d0uche bags. There's no way around it. I play public games every now and then, there's good players out there, but there's the occasional azswipe who likes to mess the game up. Cuz of stuff like that I usually stick to my server or servers of friends (they are all public but we have a clan). However it doesn't mean you can't play public games at all.
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