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Nationwide is on your thighs. 2013年3月14日 15時32分
Just bought the game. Amazing,but I suck.
This game is unbelievably fun, I wouldn't have slept last night if I didn't have to work. Above all else, the best part of the game is the people I've played with I wasn't able to add any but hopefully I can add some people when I play again in just a few minutes.. I just feel bad because I seem to get down very very quickly and screw up my teams chances, any tips?
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Ħɥɲʞ 2013年3月14日 21時16分 
Someone else had a similar question. And I said this:

I'd say play single player first. Get the game mechanics downpacked and learn the maps. Then play multiplayer online. You'll be much better this way and won't get lost. Play each campaign a few times solo then give it a go on multiplayer.

I'll also add to that since you seems to be having a hard time, is to play on normal or easy. When I first started playing years ago, I only played on easy to learn the game. Now I only play advanced or expert.
最近の変更はĦɥɲʞが行いました; 2013年3月14日 21時16分
Taking a break from everything (禁止済) 2013年3月15日 0時18分 
Add me.
JMC 2013年3月15日 2時05分 
Single player for a while, then Campaign with caution. After 6 monts play vs. .
harem girl 2013年3月15日 2時50分 
The Sightless Scopesman 2013年3月18日 6時13分 
That's good advice everyone is giving you. However I think that there is an alternative, if you have friends who play L4D and have some experience, play with them. They know what they are doing, and then the chances of the bots screwing things up, (Which does happen occasionally) is reduced. Your friends would also be able to give you advice on various things.
Zombie Panda [( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hi] 2013年3月25日 22時27分 
Feel free to add me and we can play :D I'm not that "good" and i need work on it to. So we can get better together if ya wanna play sometime lol. Just do what they said. Do single player on normal/easy a lot to know the maps,get your aiming better. I play on advanced but can't go higher then that do to my 2 problems 1.Friendly Fire sometimes. 2.Getting surrounded very easily. Also never run from your team and you're good my friend.
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