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Gram547 5 гру 2013 о 5:17
Left 4 Dead Review
I made a review on one of my fav games. Would greatly appreciate some opinions on it and maybe some constructive criticism on how to be better at reviewing. (This is my first review ever)

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[TBB] Classy Bassy 6 гру 2013 о 9:22 
nice :)
suzy,Green,Aqva,glass,Hielo 10 лют 2014 о 19:47 
yes left4 dea game
distanced silence 10 лют 2014 о 21:36 
Nice attempt.But I think it's done mostly for your own,because 6 years old game became classic and don't need to be revewed anymore.Other thing is you didn't pay attention to Versus and Survival modes,whereas Survival,for instance,is a most drivee part of the whole game.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b95BuBzRij4
Показані коментарі 13 із 3
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