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Miketopus May 7 @ 11:42pm
Microphone boost is killing my mic and I can't turn it off!
For some reason, with mic boost on in audio options, people cannot hear me talk. When I disable it in the options I hear myself when I test the mic, but when I get out of the menu it just re-enables automatically. Is there a way to turn it off and keep it off?
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Captain Barbossa Jun 21 @ 7:36am 
I have faced the problem of: "Not being able to keep the settings as I want" few times. To me, I had to do something and to be honest I be not sure if this can fix it for ye or not. Tryin' is not a problem, so:-
Go to the "autoexec.cfg" file placed upon yer main Left 4 Dead folder. It should be located at "Steam/steamapps" so if you have Steam downloaded at Hard Disk "D" then go to this location: "D/Steam/steamapps/Left 4 Dead/left 4 dead/cfg/autoexec.cfg" or "D/Steam/steamapps/'Your User Name'/Left 4 Dead/left 4 dead/cfg/autoexec.cfg" as I do not remember very well. After openin' that file, delete everythin' "every *command*" written in it. Except for the commands that you NEED deeply, hardly and fiercely! Which means you must know what commands ye have in that file, what their purpose is and what they do 100%. Elseways, keep none of them and clear the "autoexec.cfg". Save the file, start the game and change the Microphone Boost then check if it works.
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