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Fade Shade Apr 16 @ 4:53pm
Need People to play with on l4d1
I need some people to play with on l4d1. I am kind of a person who plays normal mode
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XcR Apr 18 @ 8:14am 
If you want you can add me but I will play on expert.... don't worry I will carry you.
Jenkinns523 Apr 19 @ 8:43pm 
Add me. I prefer to play expert like XcR but I'm willing to play on normal.
[EoS] - showdog.com Apr 19 @ 11:11pm 
Im in!!

jdus1905pr Apr 25 @ 7:31pm 
I'll join you
Mushroom_Soup Apr 26 @ 9:12am 
敢问路在何方 May 1 @ 9:03pm 
grafine May 4 @ 11:58pm 
I've been playing on expert for over 4 years. add me
Da Hui May 6 @ 8:06am 
ahh who cares how you play i like the realisic sides of play
[LFLD](-_-)unardock May 6 @ 8:20am 
Knivel May 6 @ 12:15pm 
I've added you. I'm still beginning in this game, so normal is a fine choice for me.
hard_tticket May 7 @ 9:33pm 
Anyone feel free to add me as well.
DivaDusty May 8 @ 8:13am 
Im up for normal or expert :)
sergei May 8 @ 9:46am 
add me
Gunner Reptile May 8 @ 9:14pm 
add me bud i been playing solo as i dont see anyone else form te old days i only have the original game no add ons
_Bubinaators_ May 10 @ 1:32am 
im in,just add me if u want to play with me! : )
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