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Happy 2014年3月27日下午9:19
Music problems
In the past I have been able to swap out the Tank music with other WAV song files. But recently I am unable to do this. No matter what is in the Tank music folder whether it be my replacement music, or NO music at all (aka empty) it still plays the original tank music. Any ideas? I have rebuilt my audio and localized audiocache but nothing works. When the folder is empty no music should play. I've also double checked addons for music but none that I have installed have any music elements. I am currently using a file that works for 2 of my friends but it doesnt work for me which makes no sense since its the same file...
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ToDeCamper 2014年4月1日下午5:13 
recomendo para quem quer compra
Happy 2014年4月1日下午6:43 
...? lo siento para mi espanol es mal...engleis por favor?
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