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Living Tribunal Mar 26 @ 8:56pm
Weird issue I'm having with this and many other games!
Okay, I've tried every thing from turning off raptr thing, to that admin thing, disabling my second display, trying 3 different mice, reinstalling steam, checking firewalls, turning off malware bytes+windows defender! No luck!

The issue is pretty much that I can't use any interfacing at all while in game with my mouse. For example while in game I can't go into the steam broswer or talk or invite friends, and I can't even close the stupid messages that pop up at the start of games like l4d that valve just loves to just spam ya with. <.< I have no viruses, no other issues...just this. HW=2 random HDTVs for displays, a 280x, a 9370 on a 4.9OC water cooled by a thermaltake all in one 3.0 set to extreme, optical is a bluray burner, case=xion mesh with 2 added thermaltake thunderblades, psu=xfx 850w, soundcard=asus xonar dg, lan is a random TP-Link, keyboard is a backlit G105,mouse is an R Horse High Gaming Mouse also tried a logitech and a deal heros flame print, RAM = 16GB CBS 2 8 sticks, and also for the HDDs I have a 120GB SSD from kingston and also a seagate 3TB which is where origin and steam are installed. None of my controllers like my rock candy or my hori vx are hooked up, so that's not the issue either...any ideas? Because I'm out of them. <.<
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Captain Barbossa Mar 27 @ 2:02pm 
Are you using: Windows, Mac or Linux?
Living Tribunal Mar 27 @ 2:15pm 
Originally posted by Captain Barbossa:
Are you using: Windows, Mac or Linux?
I actually fixed it. It turned out to be all the mouse things checked on in the mouse settings like trails, shadowing, and so on.
Captain Barbossa Mar 27 @ 2:17pm 
Good for you.
ToDeCamper Apr 1 @ 4:42pm 
esse jogo é bom de mais recomendo para quem quer compra ou baixar
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