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Loki L.O.T.S 12 mar à 7h24
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Being possible with other players to beat but can you survive by yourself
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Yes you can :) but be very good player
Progreyoret 12 mar à 10h43 
manul 12 mar à 12h55 
Yes, mostly by rushing.
=H=Danny 13 mar à 10h24 
it is possible to finish a campaign in 20 minutes when you have 2 or more good players :D
Loki L.O.T.S 13 mar à 15h14 
If ur quick and no how to handle the specials yeh ur fine but like the finales when ur ai die for being stupid its challenging
=H= Ξv!L_tonya 14 mar à 5h19 
You are always welcome if you want to join a hard game ;)
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