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☆ミ FR00TY #T00TY 11 февруари в 11:09след.
I'd like to get a gold medal in each of the 16 scenarios. Who is interested?
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Director_Of_Chaos 12 февруари в 12:40сут. 
I'am very interested in the job & to perfectly honest with you I actually need this myself I got a few medals mostly slivers, maybe 1 or 2 golds & few bronze as well.
☆ミ FR00TY #T00TY 12 февруари в 12:49сут. 
Lé Boomer 12 февруари в 2:02сут. 
Got gold at all the survival maps of l4d1 and would like to join. Just tell when you guys are going for it ^^
ELK 12 февруари в 9:49след. 
If there isnt enough people add me im nub
Director_Of_Chaos 12 февруари в 11:02след. 
@FR00TY friend invite has been accepted! please do let me know whenever you are ready to begin with the survial mode hopefully from there we arrange a proper team & have a plan in place to achieve those gold medals. By the way I really like that trine 2 butterfly emoticon you have it's quite unique & yet amazing.
Your Best Friend 13 февруари в 1:37след. 
i wanna do this!
Marcus101RR 13 февруари в 1:47след. 
Първоначално публикувано от ☆ミ FR00TY:
I'd like to get a gold medal in each of the 16 scenarios. Who is interested?

I would do it.
John平 15 февруари в 9:35сут. 
Me too I need to do this !
My english is a little poor but I think I can do it !
.V.i.T.pnz 18 февруари в 10:22сут. 
im in. i want to get all medals too. let's beat some zombie asses
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