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Zerged 2月8日 20時16分
Is there a point getting this if you own L4D2?
As the campaign of l4d1 is ported to l4d2 is there any point in getting l4d1 still?
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call of duty.j 2月8日 21時25分 
YES Get it!!!
Shampoo 2月8日 22時29分 
L4D1 is better than L4D2
distanced silence 2月9日 5時52分 
The Survival Mode is much more good balanced then SM in L4D2.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b95BuBzRij4
+all the L4D official maps for Survival battles.
haven't changed my name recently 2月9日 18時37分 
I prefer the first game, though I've been addicted to TF2 lately so I haven't played either much. The reason I prefer the first game is the graphical aspect. While Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2 have essentially the same graphics, the shades in Left 4 Dead 2 are insane. Set the shader details to high in Left 4 Dead 1 and start up No Mercy as Francis. Stare directly into a light. Look at the shine on his gloves. Do the same in Left 4 Dead 2. Look at the shine on his gloves. In Left 4 Dead 1 the gloves have some shines around the edges but are mostly realistic. While in Left 4 Dead 2 the gloves are so white and shiny they might as well be made out of silver.
Shun,Girl,Suzy,🐬 2月10日 19時49分 
yes game hi left4 dead
call of duty.j 2月10日 21時21分 
l4d1 all the way bro
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Dr Chaos MK 2月14日 19時40分 
For good quality games, then yea play L4D 1. Currently in L4D 2, the blocking system is not working. And a lot of players are mad that the quality of games is down in L4D 2. Beacuse trolls are ruining L4D 2.
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