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Looking for 14 players....
Looking for 14 players to record an updated of some Minecraft maps for L4D tomorrow night, that will be posted soon on L4Dmaps[www.l4dmaps.com].

Also I want each person to choose a different character. You will have 32 minecraft characters to choose from, and they are:

Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Bill
Minecraft Zoey
Minecraft Francis
Minecraft Louis
Minecraft Coach
Minecraft Rochelle
Minecraft Nick
Minecraft Ellis
Minecraft Mario
Minecraft Link
Minecraft Zelda
Minecraft Samus (with suit)
Minecraft Samus (without suit)
Minecraft Pit
Minecraft Lucario
Minecraft Pokemon Trainer
Minecraft Solid Snake
Minecraft Gordon freeman
Minecraft TF2 Spy
Minecraft GSG9
Minecraft Isaac Clarke
Minecraft Elena Fisher
Minecraft Sub-Zero
Minecraft Eevee
Minecraft Vaporeon
Minecraft Jolteon
Minecraft Flareon
Minecraft Espeon
Minecraft Umbreon
Minecraft Leafeon
Minecraft Glaceon

I will play as Minecraft Louis. Just post below if you'd like to join and which character you want.
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shokwade Jan 30, 2014 @ 12:31pm 
Count me in. Not sure if I'll be able to. Will see. Anyway Id like to play as Nick.
Chimp Jan 30, 2014 @ 7:22pm 
Wait, so are you playing a minecraft map in L4D or a L4D map in minecraft?
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It's a minecraft campaign for L4D, which will let you play as all the characters I mentioned on my server.
Chimp Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:07pm 
But if it's L4D, how are there so many characters
Actually the server is 16 players max. And yes we can all play at once and select any of those characters listed above
Let's try this again. The last time there weren't enough people online. And I think people are confused about the characters. You don't have to modify your game at all to use the characters. They will only work on the server. Here is a video of most of the characters you can choose.


I'd like to try recording these maps anytime during the evening this week. Let me know who's up for it.
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