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RickyRider Jan 27 @ 7:56pm
so is this game really dead?
People, say that this game has 0 demand, Is it true? It's also got a single player? Right? But, does no one really buys this game anymore..! I have it in my inventory, but people says good luck trading this piece of outdated garbage.. -_-
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[BGNE] Progreyoret Jan 27 @ 8:19pm 
Most people moved from L4D to L4D2. The game is still fun, you can find LOTS of players still playing this game. Sure, this game doesn't have a workshop or isn't as popular as the horrible sequel, but it's still really worth buying.
Marcus101RR Jan 27 @ 8:28pm 
Better love story than Rochelle and Ellis.
RickyRider Jan 27 @ 9:20pm 
This game has a story? Well, I bought the sequel few days before it came free, you can imagine how angry I was, haven't even installed it, and decided never to play it, who knows, if I reedem it today from my inventory , tommorow valve may give away the game for free..! Now, somehow I got this game in my inventory and having a hard time to deciding what to do with it. :/
cheznpez Jan 27 @ 11:52pm 
id trade something for this game lol
RickyRider Jan 27 @ 11:55pm 
SEE..the trading section.. i posted an offer.

Originally posted by cheznpez:
id trade something for this game lol
Stecki Jan 28 @ 1:01am 
There are quite a few of us that still play regularly, unfortunately we usually only play with friends which makes it hard for people without mates who play to find games.
RickyRider Jan 28 @ 1:43am 
So nobody plays with new..ones or strangers.. ! :/ meh!
★ ♪ Λlca†raZ ♫ ★ (Banned) Jan 28 @ 3:03am 
Originally posted by RickyRider:
So nobody plays with new..ones or strangers.. ! :/ meh!
Yes, we do. Just ask here and people will come and add you, hoping to see you in-game. 20% of my friends (a pretty big number..) were made this way..
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Schwarzenegger ∞ Jan 29 @ 4:30pm 
The game is alive , we still play it with friends almost every night , and i can say i was in left 4 dead 2 for some time and when one day i start the game i never go back in left 4 dead 2 . You can ask my girlfriend too :D She was real hardcore Left 4 Dead 2 player with this Simiancage trash servers ... I got over 1000 hours and i will keep play this part , is the better one and the players for expert are rly way better !
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RickyRider Jan 29 @ 5:34pm 
It's still in my inventory, maybe I will add to my library after sometime.
jellybeanx21 Jan 31 @ 8:58pm 
it's in my library along with L4D2
RickyRider Jan 31 @ 10:26pm 
Maybe..I ll also..put in my library.., but gonna wait till mid-march, because of exams, maybe.. If someone is searching for this game.. ! :)
Raptor Feb 1 @ 11:41am 
the game isnt dead and if u say that is run along to l4d2 and quit ♥♥♥♥♥ing
RickyRider Feb 1 @ 5:50pm 
I added it to my library, might join you guys soon..!
LikuidLiCiOuS #Vegas Feb 3 @ 5:57pm 
i have this game for xbox bt was thinking about buying it for pc. is this game active on pc?
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